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Speeding Photo question

Used Porsche

23 May 2003
If a speeding photo (of the front of the vehicle) taken by one of those vans has the first letter of the registration hidden by a reflective road marker post - is the photo submittable as evidence? The photo is not clear enough to identify the driver.

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If it can't show the full no. how do they know who to send the ticket to in the first place?

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They simply looked up the last 3 numbers and three letters on the DVLA database and found a dark blue Porsche 993 that matched the last 6 letters.

Thats my point - does this provide legal irrefutable evidence that the car is the one they matched? Presumably if there are no other matching 993's with different year letters then they can argue that it must have been that car.

If however there are other dark blue 993's with different year letters, then who could say which one they photographed.

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I'm pretty sure they cannot tamper with or enhance the photo and still admit it as evidence. Whether they can say it must be yours because what they can see still makes it unique I don't know.

Got to be worth seeking an expert legal opinion?


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I think you can get away with this - did they check the database for a registered yellow Porsche 3.2 with a 993 body kit and painted blue?? The onus is on the council to prove you are guilty, you do not have to prove you are innocent.

They have a damn nerve setting their camera up so badly that they can't read the numberplates, without resorting to the scattergun method of fining motorists - send fines out and hope no-one objects...


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Make sure you fill any forms in properly and send them back on time though.

I'm being prosecuted for a london congestion charge violation which wasn't me. But because I didn't send back the proper form at the proper time with the proper evidence it wasn't me I have forfeitted my right to appeal! I have been legally advised the cheapest thing to do now is pay £125 even though it wasn't me and I have since proved this to them. Guilty until proven innocent on their terms and timescale seems more like it and I'm guessing these are the same laws that apply to camera speeding tickets.


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deffo - if you dont fill in the form you will get an MS90 endorsement - failure to privide the identity of a driver - mine was 100 quid fine and 3 points - if u r going to fight it tho send it back saying you cant prove that's my car!

Was thi NIP delivered within 2 weeks of the picture?

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Hi Steve, did you get away with this charge??


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