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specing a 997

Steve Davidson

New member
22 Jan 2005
I've just put a deposit down on a new 997 C2 and need help on sorting the specification.

To the uninitiated the options look bewildering...

For instance if you want a slippy diff looks like you have to spec stiff suspension and big wheels (neither of which I want).

...and Carbon brakes? worth it for the reduction in unsprung weight or to much of a liability if you break one?

Anybody recently spec'ed a car and would like to share the experience with me.

many thanks, Steve

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well, that was a great day..... went to confirm my order for a yellow Carrera today for delivery March 2006, and came away with a Carrera S in silver for delivery in April this year! This car was a cancelled order, the dealer is going to try and the change the spec to include sports seats which is the only omission from my ideal spec.

No idea what the S is like yet as I've only driven a standard car on 19" rims.


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I take delivery of my car mid next week, also a cancelled order

It is a very extensively speced car, most of which I would rather have not ordered myself however beggars cant be choosers and it was either take the car or wait another 5 months!

Useful options

Carrera S

Rear Wiper

Sports chrono pack

CD changer

Sat Nav

Top tinted screen

Metallic Paint (Artic silver)


Unnecessary toys

Park assist

Coloured wheel centres

Heated seats

Electric seats

Cruise control

Multi function steering wheel

PCM telephone

Bose stereo upgrade

Self dimming interior mirror



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agree, things like heated + electric seats + cruise control + (personally) sat-nav (I never venture out of Norfolk) are unnecessary but..hey ....a friend of mine recently paid a premium for an immediate car from a private seller so being able to pay list from a dealer must be good news.

Funny I was not that impressed with the Bose upgrade... considering I am a fan of their hi fi and wave-radio technology.

Just need a call from the dealer on Monday to say he can change the seats to sports and I'll have bought my first £68K car.


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forget the carbons..... I know a GT3 onwers going back to steel...... it will be years before the costs of these really come down !

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I wanted to say the same about the brakes - cost is too high and so they are awesome brakes but when they go wrong you are looking at 6-10k instead of a couple of hundred.... 911 brakes are already some of the best around ....


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and you're only getting the S..

what about the Porsche Bling.. I mean Exclusive options.... 20" alloys ?

btw.. Bose is a must, cause when you want to listen to music it is worth while! but if it's more than £600 for get it ! cause that will buy a lot of cotton buds instead !

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Sundeep on 24 January 2005

what about the Porsche Bling.. I mean Exclusive options.... 20" alloys ?
19" is plenty. Ceramic brakes: OTT for 99.9% of use, and potential replacement costs are stratospheric. Only worth it if seeing yellow behind the wheels is important.

Bose: sounds good to me...

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I noticed that "cancelled orders" are mentioned earlier in this thread. Just out of interest, does that mean that the dealer gets to keep the 10% deposit on the original order and still gets to sell the car. Just wondering as it is not a bad way to make a quick £6k and upwards.

Bad for the original buyer, of course.

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...no idea if the original purchaser gets his money back...
but I should think so, as it's so easy for the dealer to move the car onto a new home.

Incidentally, while my man was trying to get the factory to change the seats to the sports versions, my 'cancelled order' was sold by a fellow salesman (without changing the original spec)...

oh well... no matter... back to plan A... factory order to exactly my spec, in 9 months or so.

My wife is expecting twins in April, so that was going to be busy month anyway!!

...so a couple more questions:

Quickshift? good or bad?

Assuming I go for the S... which are the lighter 19" rims - I think I prefer the look of the Carrera - they look lighter anyway!

Steering wheels... what's this padded version? better to hold?

thanks guys...


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