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Space Saver advice


8 Jun 2009
The rear tyre I had repaired let go on the motorway yesterday - lesson learnt, won't be doing that again.

After just fitting 4 tyres to the wife's Merc and now needing two rears for the turbo it's been a very very expensive week. Anyway, the car is currently on the space saver wheel (what a godsend that is).

My question is when it comes off is it just a case of letting the air out of it and pushing it to collapse it back to how it was or is there some knack?
Sorry can't help but I would be interested in the answer
The air is meant to be let out and it should return to its
original size after a few hours. [According to the manual]
The spacesaver has a special cap, the end is designed with a special slot that acts like a screwdriver to unscrew the valve core which will allow all air to escape and saving lots of hassle.
Once you let the air out, it will eventually revert to its original shape.

Works better in a warmer house, than a cold garage.

The 996 Owner's Manual said:
After using the collapsible spare wheel

Release air by unscrewing the valve insert.
The tyre will revert to its original shape only after several hours. Only then can it be stowed in the spare wheel recess in the luggage compartment
Thanks for this - got my space saver on after my blowout.

Was musing how this was all going to revert back to normal!!

Dan :thumb:

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