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South of France in the 993


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3 Apr 2017
Just back froma 1500 mile trip to sunny France in my little car.

Smiles per miles the trip was fantastic! Smooth tarmac twisty roads, vitually empty. You could almost feel the cars excitement at the prospect of more twists & turns to experiance the unbelivable sure footedness of the very planted 993.

Great to be analogue again & really engage with the sport of actual driving. Plenty of room to stretch the legs and grin at the theatre of the 5000 RPM plus playground.

Equally pleasurable listening to the low growl, almost threatening menance sounds at idle, reverberating from the walls of small medieval villages.

These cars are stunning to look at & admire, but the trip is a great reminder of how bloody good they are to drive/road trip.

Oh i should also say, mechanically the car was magnificent. Only one slight issue, the sunroof appears to have gone out of alignment slightly & sadly the lid has become scratched.

I will investigate but im thinking its time for new cables & drive bush. (and obviously paint for the lid).

Anyhoo, thought i would share a couple of pics.


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Lovely photos! Turbo bumper looks good on a narrow body,beefs up the front end :thumb:
That's a lovely looking 993, reminds me of Mojitos car. Where abouts in France did you get to?
Great trip great pics too... Thanks for sharing.

My claim to fame is that I was the first private individual in the UK to drive the 993 when Porsche UK decided to use Cameron House on Loch Lomond for it`s UK press launch... :)

All that you type of your enjoyment of your 993 relative to modern Porsches, was that which I thought of my 911 SC at the time of driving the then new 993, as the 993 seemed a far more insulated driving experience to that of my then 10 year old SC which took a bit more ..err.. concentration to keep it on the road, and had no power anything, even the brakes had no servo assistance and no fancy suspension.... Yeah for sure evolution changes our expectations and thinking on everything in time..

My 991 seems a zillion miles away from my first Porsche, a well rotted 60`s 912 which I rebuilt over time and despite all the rot it started an appreciation for Porsche engineering that has lasted for a few decades now.. :)
Thanks for the replies chaps.

We were in the Dordogne area near Rocamadour.

Luddite - Agreed, with modern cars we have become more removed from the engagment of driving, with more comfort & power/driver assistance. Nice to go back & feel "Raw".

Progress, technology, efficiency i suppose but i remember changing from a Mk1 Golf GTI into a Mk2, felt i was driving its middle aged, sensible, overweight, big brother! (Although a 3 door late big bumper 8v model still does it for me!)
south of france

europeon trips in the the 993 are just the best
Great to see a 993 being used as intended and not wrapped up in cotton wool.

We spent 2 nights in the Dordogne last year on our way to Spain, we had planned one night but felt we didn't see enough of the area so booked another night, had agreat Chateau pretty much to ourselves and the second night was in a really old renovated farm building. A great area to drive and sight see, we spent the our time around Rocamadour and Domme.
I was going post a link to my trip thread but then remembered I didn't do a write up for that trip. :frustrated:
Looks lovely (car & scenery).
Driving a classic Porsche on perfect French roads with very little traffic..it really doesn't get much better. Thanks for sharing your trip.

In a similar vein...

I've just got back from Classic LM in the old 3.2 Carrera..1650 miles of D road fun with a couple of stop offs in Loheac ,Dinan and Le Touquet on the way back up to Calais..the old car never missed a beat.

Sadly once you get back home off the ferry it doesn't take more than a couple of minutes to realise you are back in the UK..

What and absolute sh*t show our roads are !!!

If you want to get the best out of these cars a well planned annual European road trip will make you realise what these cars are all about. Back to basics with very little of the stresses and hassle driving in the UK has become.


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Thanks for sharing the tales of your trip HMG 66, great set of pics too :thumb:

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