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Source for Replacement door actuators


27 May 2013

Problem is a faulty door lock actuator ( getting slow / reluctant / refusing to work ) so the central locking thinks the door isn't locking - so unlocks the other door too ( i.e. it locks ns -but thinks other door is not locking - so therfore un-locks the n/s straight away too ).

I had replaced this door actuator a year or so ago with an OE one bought from a dismantlers.

It's going/gone again now.

Anyone ever use a new, but aftermarket one ( e.g. just noticed Maplin have door central locking actuators ). Haven't checked yet with OPC what these are new . . . .

Thanks. :)
It be inclined to look into why two door-lock actuators have failed in the same door within about a year.
Too much friction or maladjustment "downstream" from the actuator, causing it to be overloaded? :dont know:
Hi Red - thanks - the o/side actuator that's just failed was bought second hand.....so no idea at all how old it was, so inclinded to think that it was just getting towards the end of its life too.

T :?
Is it the motor that's being lazy, or are the limits switches not working?

Both doors use 5-wire motors - 2 wires for the motor (with polarity being reversed to lock/unlock), and 3 for the limit switches (1 common, 1 locked, and 1 unlocked).

If you lock/unlock the dodgy door manually with the key, does the other door lock/unlock automatically?

If it does, then the limit switches are okay and it's either the motor or mechanical resistance (use the key in the good door and see how it compares)...

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