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Sooo, are 996s actually selling at the moment?


26 Feb 2012
Not sure if I'm a victim of impatience (I'd like to think not as I'm quite a calm and rational person who just thinks things through!)

But my 996 has been up for sale for a few weeks now (here, pistonheads, auto trader and a few facebook groups).

I *thought* I'd pitched the price right based on well, asking people :)

But aside from a fair few, 'yup, priced right" and 'good luck with sale", I've had virtually ZERO interest.
A request for servicing details was provided in a PM (happy to respond to anything).
I've not even had an 'offer". I actually thought to confirm so of my contact details were correct, just in case 😂

I appreciate my ad was quite intense but it was aimed at both honesty and getting rid of question-tennis.

But is the market really that bad at the moment. I know fuel and cost of living has gone up a lot, but I figured that the Porsche would fall into the 'it's expensive to run anyway, so there's no real difference" 😂

So again, are they selling and I suppose, are they selling for the prices that are being stated or much less.

Not a moan, per se, and I'm happy to wait but I'll admit I'm a little bit surprised at the lack of activity.


It's better not to get some stupid offers for the car. I was testing the water and the offers are not very appealing taking into consideration that the cars are for sale at an inflated price at least in the OPC network.
Be patient and the right person will hopefully come up with an offer :thumb:
Cheers buddy.

Yeh, I'm not accepting low offers and time is on my side. It was moreso the mild surprise that interest has been very low.
It just got me thinking if all Porsches are 'struggling" to sell at the moment 👍

Anyhoo, the sun is shining so I'm going to take it out for a drive to shop :)

I just sold my 968 CS, it was advertised only on mobile.de and got plenty of views but no serious interest.

Then, after 3 months, 2 serious people contacted me within 1 week and I was able to sell it for my asking price.

As long as you are realistic, it should get sold eventually...good luck!
Price. It's always price. If it was 15k it would sell tomorrow I have no doubt. It's a nice car and I'm not saying it's only worth 15k at all but when things are slow to sell its usually because they are at the top of the price ceiling for that specific car. Hang in there, there will be a buyer for your car. It might take a while that's all.
Thanks guys, and fwiw, I'm not in any way 'concerned": just interested about the movement of Porsches right now (and well, any used cars)

Mine will sell when it sell. I've not even found a replacement yet, so no worries there.

As for price, agreed: it is key. Dropping the price by 25% would indeed get a lot more interest, and I have no doubt that it would see very quickly, as would any car.
So yes, I'm taking your comment in the good nature it was intended 👍

Im confident in my market research: lower-price cars have the less ideal spec (ideal being: manual, coupe, c2, nice interior and mountains of history)
Higher-price cars are invariably with full rebuild inc IMS etc, nice colour, aero kit.
Circa £19/20k seems to be the sweet spot, albeit still with little to no remedial engine work, so I think I'm in the right ball park for a bargain-biased offering.

We'll see.

With the availability of components etc for new cars, the used market remains strong and I suspect could get stronger this year.

Interesting time to be in the market for a car imho.

Dan :thumbs:
I just had a read of the advert, to me it reads like someone who really loves and takes care of their car. If I was in the market for a car, I'd be interested.

Someone will come along eventually.
I can only add that my wife's black/black manual c2 96k miles has been for sale since getting it back from Hartech (at least 6 weeks) after a full rebuild (£12k to them) a further bit on new clutch and bodywork. It's been for sale via a contact as to offer finance and warranty (the advert requires some work) started at 27k, now more like 25k. The car has only done the mileage from Hartech to London and around for bodywork. We thought £25/26k it would fly out but alas no.

The baffle appears to be defective now too, 2018 Dansk silencer (6k miles old).... very poor quality.

She will just hold out, a buyer will come who appreciate the numbers seriously stack up.
Unfortunately for you Dan I think it's simply the current economic climate that's causing the slow response to your advert.

'Entry Level' 911s are the ones that are going to be most affected as most buyers of those cars are enthusiasts with just enough money to scratch the itch and are having to think twice and postpone their decision for a while.

Some people with newer cars may be looking to make the most of the value of their more expensive cars and downscale but I suspect that they will be looking at 'garage queens' rather than good, honest but well used cars such as yours.

Fingers-crossed - when people get used to how their daily costs have changed they'll rethink and re-engage with the market, especially as the weather improves.

Good Luck :thumb:
With increased mortgage costs, the cost of the weekly food shop rising by the week, massively increased petrol/diesel prices, and previously unimaginable energy cost increases, any "toy" purchases will now be on hold for most that may have been considering them.
I think we're in a falling market now wrt second hand cars, it's no longer FOMO, but FOLO, why buy today what will be cheaper tomorrow.
I think a dip in values is inevitable as people wait to see what the increasing cost of fuel, food, energy and so forth do to their take-home in combination with the 10% National Insurance hike.

But, whilst that is going to cool things down, there will then be those who look at what they have left every month and think 'that's not as bad as I thought" who will then be back in the market - the question is what cars are they going to be looking at?

The other thing that is in the back of my mind is if the dip brings more expensive cars down into the range that the 996 had got into, would the buyer opt for those instead?

i.e. 996 sales cannibalise Boxster sales.
sim996 said:
I think we're in a falling market now wrt second hand cars, it's no longer FOMO, but FOLO, why buy today what will be cheaper tomorrow.

It feels like we're at maximum bubble currently ...
We probably are at max bubble

Also there will be people desperate to keep their cars but struggling to maintain them so more may fall into disrepair over the next few years some will be scrapped and the survivors will boom come the renaissance


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