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Something leaking on top of NS exhaust tail


29 Apr 2021
Hi All,

I've got a 2001 C4 996.1 and have noticed that after a drive, and when the car has got to full temp, something had dripped onto the passenger side chrome section of the exhaust tailpipe. My first thought was that it is something to do with the coolant as it had dropped to Min. I noticed that I have the old .01 Coolant tank cap but I would expect that if it was an issue with the cap I'd see residue on the top of the tank, but there is nothing at all. Has anybody seen anything like this before?
A better description of the residue may help pinpoint, dry,oily? however there are a few parts of the cooling system in that area. First is the waterpump which may have a dribble. Often if the waterpump bearings are on way out there will be a new noise on a cold start to go with it?

If the coolant bottle has a crack or leak it can dribble down the outlet pipe and drip off around that area. The lower end of yhe pipe connects to the waterpump in that area too. This pipe has been known to leak

Higher up on the engine there are other coolant pipes and fittings which go brittle with time.

If you're lucky it will just be a clamp that needs tightening!

Most other fluids are on the drivers side of the engine bay so would say coolant is most likely

Getting the car on some ramps and removing the airbox will more than likely reveal the source.

If by chrome section you mean tip, then that's well forward of the Coolant tank, unless it's running down from somewhere else.

Make sure you keep the tank topped up and keep a regular eye on the level, you do not want that running low.

Take care not to cross thread the cap when refitting, make sure it is properly fastened.

As said above, check the tank for cracks, any hoses and unions for leaks. I had a leak where the hoses joined the radiators, as the connections had died of old age.
Just got it up on the ramps at the garage where I got it from I they couldn't see any noticeable cracked pipes or leaks. What I'm going to do is get a new header expansion tank cap, as mine is still the old one ending in 01, and then take it back to the garage where they'll drain the system, make sure there is no air in the system and the top it back up with coolant and take it from there.

Also, the temp gauge on mine goes just past the 0 of 80, is this normal?
Can't see it mentioned above but just a thought

Could be the hydraulic fluid leaking from an engine mount that has worn out

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