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Some Q's


9 Jun 2003

I have recently purchased a 1977 911,
spec. It has a 1988 3.2 engine and super sport body.

I have identified some faults and would like assistance please.

When driving in heavy traffic, if I let go of the clutch with very little acceleration, the car starts to jerk and splutter. Is it that air/fuel is not getting through? Apart from that it drives fine, normal movement with normal use of the acceleration causes no problems.

The oil level gauge reads full all the time. Is it a sender problem? Is so where is the sender located? can I easily replace it myself? if so how?

The oil pressure gauge reads between, 3-4 all of the time and sometimes during driving it will become erratic and move violently. Is it a sender problem? Is so where is the sender located? can I easily replace it myself?, if so how?

The small side indicator light on the wing on the driver side doesn’t work. How can I take of the lens to replace the bulb?

When I press the wiper switch to activate the screen washers, I can hear the motor noise, but don’t get any water out. I’ve filled the tank to maximum. Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance for any help.


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As a rule of thumb the pressure gauge should show 1 bar per 1000 rpm. Its not a perfect guide, but low pressure may be a cause for concern.

Have a leak test done, its cheap and will give you a really good snapshot of the engines overall condition. I recently went to jz machetch in kings langley and they were excellent.

The side repeaters just push forward and out - easy.

With your washers, if the motor works the fluid must be going somewhere? luggage compartment or road? could just be disconnected pipework. theres a second screen washer switch on the dash, does that work? do the headlight washers work?

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