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some people! UPDATE


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30 Jan 2003
are complete w@nkers.

Came out of work today, my car parked behind the office in the office car park, big scuff over rear bumper/wing. Paint is scratched and cracked where someone hit the car. I popped back into work looked on the time lapse cctv camera, 3.30 big silver merc hits my car, guy gets out has alook then scarpers, image quality is poor so no face or number plate but at least I can prove it wasn't me!

It makes my blood boil.

Better report it to the police, I have got my NCB protected but even though I can prove it wasn't me will my Insurance go up next year if I claim? Should I get a mate to repair it for £300 or so?

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Sorry to hear that. Could the police do something with the cctv footage to get the no. plate? But then they probably don't even care.

Insurance will be noted as fault 'cos you can't claim on someone elses' policy. Bit of a bum really.

If it's got the wing, ie metal bit, then you'd probably need somewhere big and flashy to do the job. Can't remember, is you car metallic black? if so it'll probably need blending.

Cold beer time I think...

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just spoke to police, if the cctv shows a number plate they will act, I will need to keep the video anyway. Police person asked me about uninsured loss thingamy on my policy which might prevent any hike in next years premium. Not sure whether to report or not.

Wing doesn't appear to be dented, the paint has crack on the wheel arch lid, possibly as a result of the bumper/wing flexing and the weather being cold.

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not good at all.....

I know what you mean, my car seems to have picked up some red paint on the offside rear wheel arch :(

as for the Insurance, I had someone drive into the side of my about 2 years ago.. only about £600 of damage although would have only been about £400 if I had fixed it myself.... open & shut case, or so I thought, except the party has been disputing ever since.. actually goes to court next week ! net result = Insurance screwed up.. still i.e. not settled claim, etc

if it was me, I might just get it repaired for only about £300.. althogh my excess is £450, so not really worth the claim ! not really the best way to do it, although would rather not resort to that, but in the world of car insuarnce it's the unfortunate opinion you to have consider... :evil:

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so does that mean we can see the damage at the curry meet later this month ?????

events section !!!!


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forgot about xcess, doh! Will probably get a mate to do it, he runs his own bodyshop and is vgood.

Curry nite sounds good, not sure if I can make it, I may be in Kenya? May have to let you know nearer the time.


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XS indeed !

and if you get the man who did it.. small claims courts... and they pick up the entire bill et al..

be great if you can make the curry nite..

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would you adam and eve it!

a silver mercedes was parked next to my car on Thursday in our staff car park, I legged it out to look and there was a big black scuff dent on the passenger rear door just where the mystery car hit my 911.

I waited until eventually an elderly man came out of the bank that I work for and attempted to get in his car.

I started to ask him q's about his car and the damage, it turns out his son was driving the car and told his Dad that someone had hit the car whilst parked, I told him that I had it all on CCTV and he took my details. He confirmed with his son, apologised and has asked his Insurance company to contact me on Monday. I have his no plate, phone no, address and bank account details, what a result.

Thing is if his Son had been honest with his Dad we would not have parked next to my car!

All in all what with my bargain 3 series purchase a very good day.

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have you seen the video footage as the old man could be lying and just made it up as he had really done the damage to stop you going of on one for him bogging off

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yeah I have seen it and it wasn't him! he is very old! guy who did it was 40-50. I am glad the old boy didn't have a coronary!

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That was damn lucky!! :eek:
Just as well you had the CCTV footage, otherwise it could be quite tricky!

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Mick, damn lucky is my middle name!

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Quite a story and what a piece of luck!

On the isurance side, someone drove into my wifes car nearly three years ago. Got his details but he did not respond to the isurance company. Mean time we had to shell out XS etc. Then turned out he wasn't insured. It took two years for the Insurance company to actually take him to court and even now we hav't got a result. Of course XS paid out, no claims affected even though it was a no fault claim, we are tied into the Insurance company whilst they pursue it through the court.

So much for legal cover. May as well have paid for a policy to protect the XS and premium.

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I hate Insurance companys!

Legal cover is also a rip-off.

Hope it turns out well in the end.

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