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Some non-Porsche help needed..

Simon W

21 Jun 2003
Morning all,

Being the font of all knowledge, I thought i'd take a Friday opportunity to ask opinions on something non - Porsche. If any of you have any experience of this / ideas on what's causing it that would be great.

I've got an E36 BMW that has an irritating problem. The drivers side window is playing up a bit. When you press the control button and activate the auto open switch, it drops all the way down without any problem. However when I press the button to put the window up again (both when i activate the auto close switch as well as just keeping my finger pressed down on the button) the window goes up about 10cm then drops back down again. The only way I can close the window is by repeatedly tapping the button lots of times in short succession, so the window only rises a couple of cm at a time. It's a bit annoying, especially as I have to go in and out of a car park all day that requires me to put the window up and down to swipe through.Any thoughts on this very much appreciated.Cheers,Simion,

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I'm no BM expert, but it sounds like the gear is slipping off the window mechanism? Sounds like you'll have to open up the door and investigate? It hopefully is something lose on the mech and can be easy rectified. But it might also be worn out, in which came somewhere like GSF should have a new mech to replace it with?

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hi, if you have got auto switch type windows , it sounds like it might need reseting

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Thanks. I do have auto switch windows. I spoke to BMW and they thought it might need adjusting and/or the track has dried out a little and needs packing with grease.

Cheers for your input.

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