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SOLD: Set of Winter Wheels and Tyres for 996 Turbo


31 Jan 2011
I bought these second hand a few years ago. They are actually the Turbo Copy rims (so solid spoke rather than hollow spoke) in the C4S sizes (8Jx18 and 10Jx18). The tyre sizes are 225/40/R18 8J x 18 on the front and 265/35/R18 10J x 18 on the rear which are the recommended sizes by Porsche for Winter Wheels for the Turbo.

The tyres are Vredestein Wintrac Extreme tyres and have done around 2k miles I would say over 3 years. They still have plenty of tread on them.

The rims were refurbed before I bought them and have been kept that way so are pretty much immaculate.

I am based in Suffolk and not sure how to transport these but we can discuss that.

I am looking for £1,100 for these plus delivery costs.



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More pictures


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Do you have the offsets for front and rear, Mark?
I am not sure. Where do I find these?

These are standard OEM Porsche 996 C4S wheels. I think the previous guy bought them direct from Porsche as 996 Turbo Winter Wheels.

Rob, I am actually in Kesgrave so feel free to come over and take a look if you like, given how local you are.

Should be on the inside of one of the spokes (in the grooves) when you look at the back of the wheels, Should be something like ET50 on the fronts and ET65 on the rears.
RobIpswichUK said:
Should be on the inside of one of the spokes (in the grooves) when you look at the back of the wheels, Should be something like ET50 on the fronts and ET65 on the rears.

Hi Rob

I had a bit of an accident on Tuesday night and am now unable to lift down the wheels to look at the back of them.

I should be able to some time next week if that is ok

Managed to get my wheels down and took pictures of the backs.

The fronts say ET50 and the rears say ET47

Does that help?



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Hi Mark, I may be interested if there is a deal to be done. The target market for these is the C4S only I feel, they are too wide for a narrow bodied car and too heavy for a Turbo, being solid spoked. PM me, we can discuss by pm of phone. Cheers, Marcus.
I have been on the lookout also until I ended up just buying a set of winters for my current wheels.

I would even have been tempted by these but the price is prohibitive.

There was a set of 19's with winter tyres on fleabay in the last 2 weeks which went for £600.

There is a set of these alloys (no tyres) on PH for £300.

I fear your pricing may be a little high Mark. :dont know:
Hi there!

So to answer the questions.

These are the standard size (and weight) for winter wheels for the Porsche 996 Turbo. If you had gone into an OPC a few years ago (I don't think they do them now) and asked for a set of winter wheels for the 996 Turbo, this is what they would have given you.

Yes they are heavier than standard Turbo alloys but they don't recommend that you use standard Turbo alloys for winter wheels.

They do also happen to be the same alloys that are used on the 996 C4S for summer wheels so could also be used for that but with summer tyres (or winter I guess).

I am struggling to find many comparables on eBay. I fear the £300 ones you are talking about is this listing: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170-EXCHA...s_tyres_Trims_Car_Rims_ET&hash=item4d11ef6712 which is for exchange of your current wheels for newly refurbished ones. My ones have been refurbished and are in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures.

A better comparison would be these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-9...heels_tyre_Trims_Trims_ET&hash=item4d12be215d These are exactly the same alloys as mine with comparable tyres although mine will have slightly less tread.

Therefore I think my pricing is about right.

There are also these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-P...s_tyres_Trims_Car_Rims_ET&hash=item27d7e94497 which are exactly the same alloys as mine. Mine have £700 worth of rubber on according to Camskill. Of course they are not new but only charging £100 over the above listing seems pretty good to me.

I am of course willing to consider offers and if you post up some eBay listings to compare I am happy to look at these. You will need to check the listings fairly carefully as there are a lot of 17" wheels on the bay.

Many thanks
Just re-read the last post and realised that you said they were on PH not eBay. I can't find any on PH so feel free to post a link.

Hey, you put them up for what you think they are worth!

The wheels on PH have now gone. It was 2-3 weeks ago that they were on there and I very nearly bought them. I was in discussion with the seller at the time.

Interestingly I've just bought 4 tyres for my standard C4S summer wheels (11J rear, not 10J) for £90 a tyre with Pirelli Sottorosso's off ebay. Granted they are from 2010 but they are completely unused and never mounted onto a wheel.
Is that a crack in the alloy in the last photo ?? :dont know:

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