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**SOLD - set of 17" Cup2 7J55 9J55


13 Mar 2008
Yes yes yes - these are the ones to maximise driving pleasure.

Carefully selected by me as a spare set, these have been stored indoors for kin years.

There are a few storage sratches, so the OCDers would have them repainted before the tyres of your choice are added, but these have none of the usual large corrosion patches and lumps missing from the edges.

You could fit these as they are, and enjoy simply driving, keeping your current set (of 18s) for summer and shows.

Any rectangular marks you see on the front-face is simply balancing weight rubber/glue from many moons ago.

High-res photos on request. More (less dusty) photos to follow.

These dusty photos :oops: that I didn't think would show so much dust, but indoor photos under flash.

These really are getting rare for sale, and so I think their value is quite high - before I put them on Ebay, would anyone on here like to make me an offer?
What an excellent idea! (Goes off to mix a couple of strong Bombay and tonics) 8)

Oh and these are the best wheels on a '93 bar none. :thumb:
....clearly (hic) you can fit them to your wide bodies, as the factory did with the 25mm spacer.
I've just weighed them.

Without drinks, these weight 8.2kg front and 10.2 kg rear, on the electronic autocalibrate bathroom scales.
I saw many lovely 993s and 964s out on the roads of Sussex this early morning - the best looking ones were wearing Cup2s :grin:
orangecurry said:
....clearly (hic) you can fit them to your wide bodies, as the factory did with the 25mm spacer.

Err you mean 31mm spacer (altho' 25mm will do I guess) ;)

25mm is for 18" NB to WB fitment (ET65 to ET40)
....well done that man - I was getting ahead of myself as to what wheels I was selling :grin: :wink:
Do they come with centre caps?
Probably sold! And not to Switzerland, but to someone who's just sold their 964 RS :eek: and bought a 993 instead. :thumb:
You would think that someone who has just sold a 964 RS would have enough money left over to buy a 993 with good Cups already on it - not forced to buy a shonky set off some geezer on t'internet.......

Buy a 993 on condition! not on what wheels it has on it.

The new owner has previously raced on Cup2s, and knows how brilliant they are, light and strong. THE best performing wheel on a 993. :thumb:

Hollowspokes for looks and similar weight of course, but Cup2s for delicacy on 205s up-front.

(I think that covers plus point for both sets of wheels I have for sale? :floor: )
and yet neither set have been sold (yet).


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