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Soft discs or hard pads?

Weston Matt

30 Nov 2021
Coming back from Le Mans on Monday when braking, my fronts sounded different, almost grinding but not if that makes any sense. Looking at them today and there is a definite lip on both surfaces of the disc, I replaced discs and pads at the same time about 9000 miles ago, the pads look almost new with very little wear

My front brakes are standard Brembo with Pagid RS14 fast road and race pads. I am wondering if my pads are too hard for the discs as I wouldn’t have expected to have so much wear on the discs.

Am I away with the fairies?
Brakes do make grinding noises when worn but 9000 miles seems a bit soon, unless the discs have got rusty. Most likely its a feature of the pads that they are noisy.
Generally speaking, wear will be either on the pad or on the disc, and it's entirely your choice of pad which one wears faster (hope that makes sense). They won't be too hard for the discs as such, you have just chosen to wear out the discs faster than the pads :)
Definitely not yet and not rusty on either face. I’ll have a look at alternative discs when the time comes
Pagid RS14 fast road have higher friction level which had braking benefits and the downside you have just discovered
Definitely not yet and not rusty on either face. I’ll have a look at alternative discs when the time comes
Not sure alternative discs will help you, they are all steel. If you made the discs harder and the pads harder too then you wouldn't ever get enough friction: something has to be soft enough to abraid and cause the friction. Just live with it if the brakes do what you want, otherwise put standard pads on if the tradde-off between effectiveness and noise doesn't suit you.
I was more thinking not a premium disc and revisit the whole set up when I need new pads and discs

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