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So why buy a 993 over a 996 ?


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2 Feb 2005

Could i have some views on why I should buy a 993 over a 996 ? Or the other way round...


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Can't give you honest answer without being shot to pieces... :wink:

Seriously though, they are very different cars, although they're both 911.

I personally prefer the more raw feel of the 993, with classic 911 (come may call it dated) interior. I think it has the best compromise between usablility and rawness. Earlier models are great fun but more difficult to live with, 996 are much more refined esp for everyday commuting, but to me I have my wife's car to drive on the M-way to visit the in-laws.

Both cars have their problems but more people will tell you that 993 is better developed, and whatever problem there is, there's a fix for it. One thing that slightly concern me is the RMS problem in 996/Boxster engines. Although only a small no. of cars affected, there is no known permanant cure for the problem.

Only you can decide the balance.

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You need to drive both - make your mind up that way.

But note that 993 depreciation will be lower. Also, as Mick says, the RMS - and also total engine failure - issues are black clouds rather hanging over the 996. Both pretty rare - the latter especially - but costly to fix (especially the latter!). These things don't help 996 depreciation...

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As Maxy says, you have to drive both. I originally looked at a 996 to replace my 964 C4, but I found them to univolving to drive - the gear change was light and easy with a light clutch compared to the rifle bolt precision of the 964 / 993 boxes, the ride was better damped with better roadholding and less noise, but all in all I felt a bit removed from the driving experience. My impression was that the 996 was more an everyday GT car. Personally i found the 993 the best compromise as it was the pinnacle of aircooled evolution (especially in varioram guise) arguably the best looking of the 911 line and a reassuring solid feel (where the 996 didn't feel so "hewn from rock"). 993 ride and handling are greatly improved over earlier models with the right level of driver involvement without loosing everyday usuability. Values seem to be holding up well also.

Just my opinion, but try both and see which one floats your boat.

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The point about involvement is well made. The 993 is so full of character. So many cars now are so hugely capable and refined that they're dull to drive unless you're going fast. And on this crowded island - at least down south - how often do you get the chance to do even 60 mph for long stretches (M-ways excepted)?

I even find myself enjoying being in the 'mindless' 50 mph queue cos I'm driving my 993... :) 8)

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Having made the 993 - 996 transition, I'm definitely not disappointed. Many of my fellow curry nighters would of course argue that given my 993 had Tip box, soft top and an arm rest, that I never knew the meaning of raw anyway :oops:

The 3.6 water cooled seems far more responsive and energetic than the air cooled version but as the fellas have mentioned above, the 'rush with hush factor' makes me monitor my speed far more than I did in the 993, simply because its effortless. From an aesthetic point of view, the 996 shape never floated my boat particularly but the C4S is luverly so I'm sorted there. The cabin set up is infinitely more conducive to regular use IMHO and seems noticeably more spacious fore and aft. RMS and blowing engines aside, I'll be more than happy to keep the new beasty for many years to come.

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I drove a number of 996s- if I had to have only one car for business and pleasure, then I'd have a 996. It is a massively competent car, esp in C4 guise but left me a little cold.

However, the 993 has bags more character and involvement, and for fun there is little to beat it.

A great 993 will cost about the same as an average 996.

I find the RMS problem troubling, and I'd want a good warranty on a 996!

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But........... would you not think of how Porsche has come along way over the last few years ?

This said, should make the 996 a better car ? but then look at price and your all right, the 993 holds in money sooooooooo.. much more than a 996..

I looked at a 99/T 996 with 59k on it (it has has a new engine, under Porsche warranty 2 years ago!!) and it is up for £29995

Also looked at a 97/P 993 with 64k (3 owners, 80%PSH) up for £28995


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And what does RMS mean on the 996 engine..?

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No question, the 996 is a 'better car' than a 993; safer, faster, better handling, even more usable. Not more fun necessarily, and certainly not better built. It largely depends on what you want it for.

I test-drove a few 996s, and I never felt the irresistable urge to write out a cheque that I did when I drove the Targa, just MHO.

I think you need to go on a few drives yourself...


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My £0.02 worth?


2)993 IMHO anyway looks a whole lot better than a stock 996. 996 needs an aerokit to look the business, although it might make you look like a poser that can't afford a GT2/GT3/turbo :twisted:

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993 is ablast
996 is er well a boxster but heavier!

IMHO of course

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of course depends on your 'budget' in the 1st instance......

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