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Snapped bleed screw


19 Apr 2017
Hi all,

Car is in for a service this week (OPC) and they have snapped a bleed screw when doing the brakes. They are telling me they need a new calliper, with an unknown lead time. A couple of questions:

It sounds like they don't think it's likely that they can drill out the old screw without trashing the calliper anyway. Is that reasonable?
They don't think they can get a new calliper within 'weeks' (although design911 seem to have them)which means the car is undrivable. Where is the best place to look for a good used one?

Car is a 2004 C2.2


I had the same thing recently with a snapped bleed nipple and ended up sending all 4 calipers to a company called BCS - Brake Caliper Specialists, I genuinely cant now recommend them highly enough from the service I received and the condition the calipers came back in.

I bit the bullet and had all 4 stripped with all new nipples and seals etc fitted, paint stripped and re-painted with Porsche stenciled on before lacquering. They have come back genuinely looking like new.

You could just have your one nipple sorted, or maybe get all 4 refreshed, or may be do what I did and have them re-painted, either way would give BCS a call. Was a really quick turnaround of about a week I think for all 4, but 2 or 3 days of that was the painting, you may not need this.
How much for that?
drill a slightly larger hole into the snapped in bit, then bash a small splined torx bit in to the hole, a bit of heat can be applied if needed but you would then need to re paint afterwards, i got one out :D
A brake calliper specialist like the guys linked above will be able to sort it. Just don't let anyone else have a go at removing the bleed nipple as it will make matters worse unless they know what they are doing.
OPC can't drill it out .. all they can offer is a replacement caliper ..

We drill them out at times but usually send them away for repair ... usually a snapped off one doesn't leak though .. i'm assuming yours does and its stuck at the OPC ? in that case i think your options are limited . .. they won't send the caliper away for repair as it takes about 1 week .
Luckily my snapped nipple wasn't leaking but we couldn't undo it to bleed the brakes so like I say sent it away. Luckily I did as then found out most of the others were also knackered.

Peace of mind though now as all were replaced along with the piston seals etc.

Cost was £1,009 but a fare chunk of that was the re-painting in Brembo red and the Porsche logo being stencilled rather than a sticker. I looked at new callipers but the fronts on their own are about £700 each I think.
Infrasilver used these guys.

infrasilver said:
I changed all my bleed nipples to good quality stainless around 6 years ago and I've never had an issue undoing them since.
I originally had 2 snap on me, I ruined a rear caliper trying to drill one out myself, which cost me the price of a used caliper and decided to send the second (front) caliper to Pro Calipers/Thomas, this included a snapped off "easy out" in it and he returned it fixed.

They only do what is asked and can remove the remnants of the broken bleed screw if that is all that is wanted and with no or minimal damage to the caliper paintwork. Quick turn around time promised too.

Hooner said:
drill a slightly larger hole into the snapped in bit, then bash a small splined torx bit in to the hole, a bit of heat can be applied if needed but you would then need to re paint afterwards, i got one out :D

I did that but first I tried a left hand drill bit and a screw extractor, that snapped but luckily I got the end out, I then tried to hammer a torx bit in but that snapped in the bleed nipple and there was no getting that out.....Game Over.

Don't buy a new caliper, that is Porsche's standard answer to a snapped bleed nipple.
Your best bet is to send it off to someone who knows exactly what they are doing as this will save your caliper. I sent my caliper to Thomas at Pro calipers, as lots of people on here have.
You will also want to get your other ones out and replaced with stainless ones before you end up in the same boat down the line.

I had to scrap one caliper because I tried to drill it out myself, you just can't get deep enough to get all the nipple out without ruining the chamfer of the hole. Also where does any swarf go, in the fluid hole.
Mac68 said:
This company offer a quick rebuild service


I have also used Pro-Callipers. The service was brilliant (dealt wth Thomas).
They put an insert into one of my callipers, as the nipple wouldnt seal.
Cost me £63 plus postage each way. Was a really fast service and great comms.

However I guess thats not much use if your car is at the OPC and is leaking fluid. Unless you can convince them to give you the knackered calliper and then you ship it off.
Are you sure that the car is undriveable..which seems unlikely unless the nipple started to loosen and then broke allowing fluid to escape... other than that I suspect the car is driveable though perhaps not up to OPC standards to let out of the workshop...?

If that is the case then a bit of negotiation seems to be called for..?

Good luck.
Thanks for all the replies everyone. I'm going to get bitten by using the local OPC, who won't be flexible in their approach to broken items. To be fair they offered to try and drill the screw out, but weren't confident. They have agreed to sell me a calliper at cost (Still about £700). But it will take a week to arrive.
I've used them for several big jobs over the last few years and this is the first time I've had any issues, so I guess you win some and you lose some. They've always given me a good discount on parts and labour, so I'll suck it up this time.

I will probably get the old calliper back, get it fixed and sell it.


P.S. will be continuing to enjoy the Panamera 4 hybrid courtesy car while we wait for the calliper to come in.
I have to say i think the OPC is being very fair here .. you must be a loyal customer .

OPC do have their hands tied a bit .. they don't have the equipment to do this and they are not allowed to use third party companies .. well .. they shouldn't do anyways .

It is a specialised task as we have and do drill them out at times .. special jig and it's not one of the nicest jobs to be given .. that's why i suck up to our service advisor !!!!

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