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smoke on start up ?


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22 Dec 2004
just started my car this lunchtime and quite a bit of grey/blue smoke came out of the right hand exhaust pipe - enough to notice, but it stopped after about 10 seconds.

it was last driven last friday morning and i remember reading somewhere that due to the design of the engine - if not used for a while some oil WILL seep past the pistons and burn up upon starting - right ?

Someone tell me i'm right :?

Only just got it back after its 80 thou km service and a new clutch - not 8)

i will watching it like a hawk now - :eek:

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Happened to mine last week after a week or so of unuse.

Not seen any smoke since, so your explanation sounds good enough for me!


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thanks robert - glad im not the only one - :)

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You can also get some smoke on start-up if the last time the engine was run it was only for a short while, say a couple of minutes eg moving the car out of the garage and then putting it back in.

I wouldn't worry about it.


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Westyman - you describe the exact circumstances of its "last" drive.i had to swop cars around in my office car park. it hasnt smoked since yesterday, so im beginning to relax about it . :)

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My old 3.2 1988 did this when I got it at 89000 to 120000 miles when I sold it.
My 1997 993 Targa did this from when I got it at 20000 and still does it occasionaly at the current 41000 miles.

Its a flat six and the oil sits around the valves/guides when the engine stops, dependant upon the valve wear and the individual valve position, a small amount of oil seeps into the cylinder and is burnt off when the engine starts. Even new cars do it.
Start to worry when its a destroyer-like smokescreen every day that takes minutes to go away and has the neighbours in fits of laughter.

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Thanks for your reply Stevo.

Westyman - I spoke to my mech who also said that the james bond effect can be caused by starting the car,driving it for a few minutes and then stopping the engine. upon re-starting later the smoke appears.

Thanks to you all.

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Thanks Warren,

I'm sure it is due to the fact the engine is on a cold start fuel setting which uses lots more fuel than when the engine is warm and some of the fuel is left lying around in a similar principle to the puddling of the oil.


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I wouldn't worry unless it starts happening frequently.

Oil burns blue, petrol burns grey. If it does happen again, check what colour it predominately is.

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