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Slow start when left for a week


New member
30 Dec 2013

I tend to only drive my car weekly. In the past few occasions the first start of the day is quite laboured.

I checked the battery and it was showing 12.08v not started and in the 14 mark when started so looks like the alternator is working.

I am parked on the driveway so don't have access to power.

I assume the battery seems toast? I am under warranty so would need an official battery from OPC?

Over that I was thinking of either getting an electrician to fit an external power supply so I could plug in a charger or get a ctex cs free which is a portable maintenance charger. Has anyone got experience of these portable ones and whether they can be left in for weeks on end?

Have had the same thing, last year replaced the battery as it was going bad, however with the new one after a week of not driving the car the battery was still getting low, so purchased the Ctek MHS 7.0, this does the AGM batteries, got the kit and hard wired , positive to battery and negative to the chassis negative pole, simple plug in and leave, never had any problems with leaving it connected
Thanks for the reply. I reckon the battery is gone. Interested in running a charger to it permanently but no mains feed unless I get someone in to build one, hence the ctek one that you charge up first.

As I drive weekly I was hoping that I didn't need a charger on it

The battery might be fine, it just needs a full charge to get back to its normal state…
Imo if you’re only driving a car once a week, then you should fully charge the battery (trickle will do) every month.
The magic number on a battery (without any load) is 12.54V.
This is generally accepted as a "healthy" battery.
As others have said, worth charging up/conditioning (if you can) to reduce any sulphation effects, and to see if it will hold its charge at 12.54V or above.
Ok cool will give this a go and run extension leads into the car and charge overnight
same issue when left, tricky chargers help as mentioned
Worked a treat thanks for the advice. I managed to get an extension attachment for my NOCO charger and have left in permanently now. Startic charge is close to 13v and starts much better

Thanks for the tip


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