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Simon W's old car on eBay.

Dean Dickinson

New member
27 Jun 2005
Hello there.

I'm new to this forum, but have been watching from afar for some time. Reading the posts in "My old car on eBay" it seems I may be about to buy Simon W's old car (but not through eBay!)- the ocean blue Carerra S. I posted a reply on that topic, requesting further info'/history on the car, but it would appear that the subject matter has moved on.

Just wondered whether Simon W, or Dan S may have some knowledge I could tap into to aid my bargaining position, or perhaps stop me making a costly mistake.

Thanks, and best regards.


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Hi Dean,

There was nothing to worry about in terms of the car, its just i wanted a carrera 4, well a carrera 4S but was going to settle on the 2S, but thought a C4 would be better for me,

I know some of the history on the vehicle your going to look at buying, It had a new OPC door mirror and glass after being broken by another car, this work was carried out by OPC Cardiff, also i think they carried out fitting a new rear spoiler, it had a turbo spoiler when the current owner bought it (from simon i think) and now has the electric standard spoiler.

I did a HPI check on it and it was all clear, 7 owners not 6 as stated on e-bay.. 3 number plate transfers (if i remember right).

Hope this helps, if you need any further info let me know.


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Thanks for the info Dan.

The current owner is off on honeymoon tomorrow, and I'm also going to be away until the 18th July, so I can't view the car until I return. I think this will be the only time I'll actually look forward to returning from holiday!!

I viewed a C2 recently at Autobahn (white) which is stunning externally but I thought the interior really let it down as it had non-standard door casings to house larger speakers, and the trim/carpets appeared quite tatty.

Can you remember the condition of the interior of the C2S?

Thanks again.


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It was very nice,

dark grey if i recall, standard leather, not hardback.


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Gear nob slightly scratched, and a little bit of wear on the drivers seat (side nearest the door) I had the car for just over 1 year, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I sold it since I needed the money to get married. Mechanically, the car was great -I had the clutch replaced. When I sold it, it was as close to perfect as I could possibly get it.

Bear in mind, that I haven't seen the car for over a year, and a lot can happen in that time. Personally, I think it looked a lot better with the full (factory fitted) turbo spoiler, but his preference was clearly to go back to a standard electric. Just a shame he didnt go for the Carrera S split one.

Hope that helps - good luck with it if you pursue it.


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Thanks ever so much for the info'.

I'll definitely view the car upon my return and keep you posted.....


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HI, I don't know if this is a car that I went to see recently (May05)in Cardiff? A blue 993 C2S, done around 55k miles I think, and had been on sale in topmarques magazine for £33k. If it is the same one, then i think you could bargain hard for it if you end up liking it. I personally turned it down, becuase i had a trader mate with me, and although the histroy was fine, the paintwork looked tatty, as did the trim. We got him down to £30k, and I'm sure we could have gone down more, becuase I know for a fact that the car has been on sale at least since Oct04, as I have some really old topmarque magazines, and it was on sale initially at £36k.

However, this matters not, if it's a totally different car we are talking about..just seems highly coincidental.


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also...he advertised it as a 1997 car, but it was a 1996 car...he also had the wrong number of previous owners on his advert. These things put me off, as I thought he was hiding something. In hindsight, he was probably just clueless, rather than deliberatley misleading.

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Thanks Ami,

Yes, I think it's the same car (Cardiff)- "P2 ELO". A figure of £29K was mentioned, which I'll use as a starting point to work down from! Not many C2S's around with this sort of mileage, for that sort of money, but the paintwork and interior may explain why. I havn't seen the car yet, so I'll reserve judgement until after the viewing.

If it's been for sale for 8 months, it sounds like a buyers market out there, or is this just a reflection of the condition of the car?


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Dean Dickinson on 01 July 2005
If it's been for sale for 8 months, it sounds like a buyers market out there, or is this just a reflection of the condition of the car?

You'll have to wait and view it !


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I feel saddened hearing that the paintwork and interior were tatty. When I bought it I drove maybe 10 different cars, and that was the tightest of the lot. I paid £36k for it from Autobahn with full OPC and 1 years total warranty. I gave it back to them to sell, and judging by what they gave me for the car, I reckon he paid the same as me.

Was the paint tatty around the rear spoiler which has been replaced, or all over I wonder.

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He told me he paid £37k !!- could be just sales banter I suppose.


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It is the same car, I know the number plate. I describe it as tatty, but only because I'm comparing that with the condition of the 993 I eventually ended up buying, which is excellent. From memory, the front bumper area looked like it could have done with a better respray. The car just looked not quite right when I pulled up along side it, but again, i had my other 993 (the one i bought) in my mind, and it would not be comparable in terms of paintwork. To others, it may be ok. The drivers seat looked very worn, and also looked like it had paint on it. I think the passenger side front wheel has a scuff, the other wheels are ok. We didn't even bother starting it up, becuase my trader mate gave me the signal to make our excuses and leave.

I would certainly look at it, but just bargain for it. I know this particular seller is keen to sell after trying for so long. Another thing as a i said earlier, that put me off was that I had been told it was a 96 car, but the HPI confirmed otherwise.So i never knew what to believe. Given that Simon W as the previous owner, can fill you in on some of it's history, this should help alleviate that issue in your case, for the history while he owned it.

Good luck!

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i meant i thought it was a 97 car! (apologies) but it was 96

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looks like it's back on ebay, currently at 24k (reserve not met)!

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