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Sim/PCM loading?


New member
12 Apr 2006
Hi all, newbie owner question I'm afraid. I've recently bought an 03 C4s with no pcm or drivers manual, I've downloaded the PCM manual from this site but it does not tell me how to copy my sim card onto the PCM. When I put the card in it states that it is updating the phonebook but does nothing. How is it done?

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I have a dual sim with Vodaphone, so I put one in my mobile, and one in my C4S.

All I did was put the sim card in the "Sim Slot" and the car did the rest.

Then through the car or the mobile, I can choose which sim receives calls !!



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Hi Mike, I looked into the dual sim set up and as its a weekend car I dont think its worth the extra dosh. If you are saying that your car reads your sim card automatically then mine must have a problem as it doesnt seem to work? Is it automatic?



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I just put my sim in the car, and my wee baby, did all the hard work !!

Sorry, can't help !

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I take it your enjoying the car ?

The C4S, just looks the business as far as i'm concerned.

I just picked mine up two weeks ago ! Still Grinning like a cheshire cat !!


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Its only the best carI have had the good sense to buy! I can't keep out of it at the moment, its supposed to be a weekend car but I'm in it all the time. Tomorow will be 4 weeks since I picked mine up in Manchester.

What colour and spec is yours?


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Picking mine up next week can you tell me where you downloaded the manual???

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The site is
on the top menu bar, you will see online docs menu there are quite a few to choose from, but this is an american site so its all for american spec cars. Most of it is the same though. I found it very useful.

By the way, problem solved the car did the work in the end! I put the sim in again and forgot about it and hey presto! Maybe I didnt give it long enough before.

So what are you buying James C4s?



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Boys the C4S is a fabulous car, lets have some pics and specs of your cars.

With regards the phone module, it takes a while to download all info if you have a very full sim card, and also it may have taken a while to pick up network.


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Hi Daz, mine is an 03 996 C4s Polar Silver, Metropole leather, pcm2, Bose, multi cd, phone, Tiptronic, OBC, crested headrests. Cant think of anything else for now but you get the picture, I was 50/50 on Tip vs Manual so I bought the 1st good example I could find with either, it just happened to be tiptronic, I like it so far, still getting used to manual mode but the auto is handy for traffic. I'm giving it a clean and temporary wax today, I'll post a pic on a new thread when I am done. It is about to have some small scratches touched up in the next couple of weeks, when thats done I will give it a major wax job HD cleaner, clay, Zymol?

What about yours?



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I've gone for a 52 plate targa in silver and tip, black leather, only got 21 k on it so was happy to have a 52 plate was lookinf for a 53 but this fitted dead right on spec plus leaves me with a few k for other bit'sand toys.

targa was the crunch factor the rear opening glass did it for me, main hobby being golf means i can just slot them in from the rear. Plus when i sat in it the glass roof made if for me.

thanks for the link

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You guys have picked up some nice cars - get waxing then post some pictures! :D

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