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Silver cars - hard to sell


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19 May 2013
In my continous serach for a C4S I seem to be coming across allot of silver cars that havent moved in few weeks.

Are silver cars harder to move on compared to say Grey or Black?

The reason I am asking, is I am looking at a car from Cridfords later and although I lm looking to keep the car for a minimum of a year, I dont want to have trouble selling it on.

My 997 is silver and I have a black Range Rover although the range rover suits black very well its a pain to keep clean and shows even the tiniest mark very easy. I would have though Silver and Gray would be the most popular colours you seem to see more than black ones on the road anyway.
I think it's just a case of silver being the most common colour. IIRC Arctic Silver was one of the "free" colours so would probably be around in high numbers by default.
^ agree. There are lots of cars for sale that happen to have been around for a while and silver is popular. Personally I don't like it on a 911 but it is considered a safe colour on re-sale. In contrast I think black looks awesome but a lot of people are put off as they look dirty quickly. My fav is grey
Silver and grey would be my first choice for an everyday 911

Maybe they don't look as good as black when polished up, but would look better 95% of the time and hide stone chips etc better as well
I actually like silver cars but I think the 997 suits darker shades like Seal/Meteor/Atlas Grey, Basalt Black and Midnight Blue. They will sell but most buyers given the choice will opt for the darker shades.

It also depends on the style of alloys on the car, I think a silver 997 with Carrera Classics looks really good and would be my choice on a 997.

I know darker shades are harder to keep clean but for me it's more satisfying after I've given the car a wash as you can see the immediate difference.
Silver is boring and as common as muck... I don't think silver cars stand-out nicely, and I have to agree that other colours show-off the lines of a car much more impressively. Silver is, however, LESS demanding of washing/ T.L.C.. Nonetheless, though a safe colour, (relative) oversupply would make silver harder to sell.
Thanks for all our feedback - lets hope a nice grey car with the right spec comes along, otherwise silver it maybe!
bens997 said:
Thanks for all our feedback - lets hope a nice grey car with the right spec comes along, otherwise silver it maybe!

Unless (IMO) you're mental, then you'd be happy in silver if the car was otherwise ideally specified.
The downside would be you're in a silver 911, the upside would be you're in YOUR silver 911.

I have silver, preference would be meteor or black but meh, I'm in my 911 with PSE; actually I'm not engine's f***ed but you get the point!

Anyway isn't it known as 'resale silver'? Can't see it hurting your chances of selling it on.
Wouldn't be my first choice as I like the more striking colours - Guards Red etc which would narrow any future market as colours go in and out of fashion.

Black with red leather is my all time favourite combo. And personally I would reject any car with an all blue interior as I am not a fan at all. It would need to be special for me to buy it. But each to their own.

.....................In the end I finished up with a silver car :roll:
Love Guards Red but ended up with GT Silver ,always looks fairly clean whatever the weather but never as striking as say Black when just cleaned .Had a black car previously never again ,I like cleaning cars but not that often.


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I like GT silver, not over keen on platinum silver. I would say basalt and meteor grey are the best sellers. White cars seem to hang around but maybe that's because the dealers thought white was the next black and got it a bit wrong with regards to white 911s
Out of curiosity, how should one pronounce 'Basalt'?

Is it bah-salt or bay-salt? Or bahsahlt? Or Baysahlt?
Ekona said:
Out of curiosity, how should one pronounce 'Basalt'?

Short syllable - like Basil (as in Fawlty), but with salt.
Excellent, I've not been saying it wrong for years then! :mrgreen:

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