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Silly Me .......


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17 Aug 2011
Took the motor out for a blast last night a 2002 carerra 4tip ....enjoyed drove home thinking mmmm time for a large vodka and coke ....parked the car on the drive....tunred off and tried for over 5 minutes to take the key out of the ignition....wouldnt come out thought mmm sounds like ignition switch broken.tried to turn the engine on but the engine wouldnt turn over fuel pump whirred dashboard lights on getting worried now as xmas is nearly upon us then happened to look down at th egear change ....yep you guessed it was still in drive........put it into park and hey presto out comes the key....relief and also think what a plonker. I am... :oops:
:floor: I've done that several times.

Being very old it comes as a bit of a shock every time. :oops:
Got that tee shirt :oops:
Did that when I had just bought the car and filled up for fuel for the first time.
Felt real stupid ringing the showroom up :oops:
glad I am not the only one who has done it......makes me feel a little better :thumb:
Did the same with my first automatic Merc many years ago, ended up calling the Merc helpline...they were very nice about it, but you could hear a tone of "here we go again" in their voice....
You're not alone...done that before! :thumb:
Yep, been there, done that ...

My favourite brain-fade, though, was when I was a long way from home and the fob wouldn't open the door. So, I phoned the OPC. The very charming receptionist said, 'Have you tried using the ... er ... key, sir?'

Me too, regularly, I borrowed a friends E92 M3 when was away and spent 20 mins looking for the handbrake release button, I text him in Tenerife in the end to ask him. I then realised it had a.......handbrake! No idea why I was looking for a button? I think it was the fact it was my first experience of a tip, just got me confused :?


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