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Silly boy...


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4 Nov 2012
I've only had it five minutes and I thought I might be selling up already :-(

Talk about bad luck.

Took a friend out in the car yesterday for a bit of a drive. Chatting away, nice and relaxed. Then we hit a bit of poker straight, deserted road, great visibility for over a mile, nothing behind, so I thought I'd give it a squirt. Pinned it in the first three gears. Then I see it in my mirror - flashing blue lights on an unmarked car :eek:

I absolutely shat myself as i was properly travelling.

Am green unmarked 335 full of cameras :-(

Cue me fluttering my eyelids and apologising for being an idiot, explaining I had just got the car and I'd just give it a quick blat as there was nothing about. Always keep it polite but not cringeworthingly so I guess...?

Anyway, I have to say the copper (high ranking by the looks of I as he had lots of little coloured strips on his armoured vest) was a gent, and restored my faith in coppers a bit. He checked me out, then just said I had a lovely car and if I wanted to give it the berries then to take it to a track etc, reminding me that for the 91 his camera had me doing (ahem!) I'd be looking at an instant ban.

He then went on to say he had better things to do than talking to decent folks making stupid mistakes and would rather be dealing with people like the gentlemen in the back of his car. He'd got a drunk bloke in the back who they'd caught speeding and he was absolutely leathered (scary).

I'd got off !

Still thinking about what could have been this morning. My drive bck from Birmingham to swindon was like a scene out if driving miss daisy...!
Good to hear that there are sensible people who can make the distinction between dangerous driving and speeding .... and that you still have your licence. Get yourself on the list for the Charity Track Day at Goodwood in October :thumb:
Sounds like a top plod man.

Unfortunately I got nabbed exiting a 40 limit going into a 70 limit and got done for doing 60mph just 20 yards for the damn national speed limit sign and wasn't so lucky. 3 points and a 60 quid fine.

So while its nice to get off...its pot luck as to who the copper is that nabs ya.

PS I was very polite etc etc but no getting off.
You were lucky to get nabbed by a human being you could chat to, I got done by camera at 92 and it was points and fine. Would you really have got a ban at 91 though? Was it in a 50 zone or something?
It was in a 60 - 50% over the limit = instant ban (or so he said!)
Ah! Mine was in a 70. :)

It does make you feel fragile doesn't it? I'd never had points and have really enjoyed every car I have owned. I have not driven my 993 at the kind of speeds I used to think nothing of since I got nicked.

Do you feel like someone has popped the speeding bubble for you?

The fastest cars I have owned, in the camera free times I owned them, represent the best times for me. Sure I might sniff round 996 turbos, but I'd have wanted to own them 10 years ago when I'd be nudging the top end, not now, when I'm sh11ting it for my licence if I'm anywhere near a ton.

Yes it's rattled me, but as someone who has always owned (and still own) fast bikes I am very conscious about speed and how it could effect my career.

Of course it was wrong, but tbh if I had been doing it with other cars around or where there was increased risk I'd feel even more stupid.

Ironic thing is mate, ever since I bought the 997 most of my enjoyment has come from pottering around country roads at sensible speeds with the window open listening to that engine ! I really haven't driven it hard that much!

Oh and btw - my driving miss daisy antics on the way home enabled me to hit 30mpg on the motorway :grin:
You are a lucky boy indeed.

Especially as you said there was nothing behind.

Lesson learned, I hope.

(and a reminder to us all)
We've all been there mate, I was done a few years back for 107mph average over a 1/4 mile on the A12, luckily I had a decent copper who did me for just 3pts and £60. It didn't matter that he didn't throw the book at me, I was terrified and since then I don't speed anywhere as it's just not worth it.

I'll go find country roads where it's all about the corners and it's pretty much impossible to break the limit, or hit a track and get my kicks that way. :)
I know that feeling and you're certainly lucky there.

After all my previous incidents (I have a clean licence now) I was particularly anxious about getting caught in my first 911; as it happens and as Ekona said, all my fun driving is done on roads where it's difficult to exceed the speed limit, corners, lots of them, with some nice shortish straights to get the acceleration rush.

To be fair, I don't even like travelling illegally fast on public roads, I just feel uneasy that I'm courting police attention and a massive accident. Considering my past, not sure whether I'm just wiser now or I'm simply getting old!
my mate is a firearms cop - and HATES traffic fuzz. He's into his cars too and if he had stopped you, would probably have invited you to a race in his blues'n'two's!! lol

well dodged :thumb:

I had a similar incident a few months back when I was tired after a shite week. I blatted up the inside lane approaching a roundabout, to get the undercut on everybody queuing inthe right hand lane, to go straight over.
Out of nowhere - the blues.
matey asked me what that was all about. I told him the truth. Missus was heavily pregnant and not well, Id had a shite week and just wanted to get home.

He gave me the lecture about getting home in one piece.... yada yada. He told me to sit there for 5 mins and contemplate what a knob head I'd been. All the while I'm thinking to myself... "good job you hadn't seen me 10 miles back..." !!

Years ago a driver would get a severe talking to(aka the hairdrier treatment), far more often than nowadays.

....consider yourself very fortunate indeed as we now live in a fines based society.
Ekona said:
I'll go find country roads where it's all about the corners and it's pretty much impossible to break the limit, or hit a track and get my kicks that way. :)

ditto for me! in fact, i enjoy pummeling a b-road in hertfordshire at 60mph a lot more fun than driving at 100 on a motorway. and it's legal.
Hi Nat

Yes indeed a lucky chap you are and a lesson to us all.
I hope you bought yourself a lottery ticket same time as lady luck certainly was on your side that day!

take care mate, if there's a black 997 in front of me doing 29 mph from now on I'll give you a wave!


Result ! Decent ones do exist...

I got nicked on my bike a few years back, looked at floor loads and apologised, but stated I had stuck to all the 30 limits. He agreed that I did and let me off, saying if I hadn't it would be a different story....

I got pulled in 1996 minding my own business in an R33 Skyline with 510bhp. Very quick indeed that long ago. Copper checked it over, details, etc, then asked for a go in it, His mate in a T5 zoomed off with lights on and he said follow him. Screwed it for a couple of miles, stopped and they swapped over to do it all over again. Still makes me smile. They were proper car folk and just wanted a go in it ..

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