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sill rust???


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23 Feb 2003
I'm looking at a 993 c4s- PPI indicates rust on the roof sill- I've been advised by opc that this can be repaired- but i'm worried if this is indicative of an underlying problem??? Could the rust be coming from the drainage channels in the sunroof?? Can anyone help??

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I have to admit I have no experience of 993s but I would be very suspicious of any rust on a 7 or 8 year old fully galvanised car.

Surely it's evidence of a repair or respray, didn't the PPI ask or investigate further?

Did you get an HPI check, that would show any major accidents?

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Thanks Nick.

HPI check was clear.

There is evidence of a respray. PPI was done by Lancaster, Cambridge. They said that the rust on the roof outer sill would cost approx £700 to repair. I am very concerned that such a new car (1998) should have such signs and am most probably going to avoid this one as my first porshce.

Although I am have been extremely tempted because it is priced so well. The private vendor is selling the 1998 "R" 993 C4S, 41000miles, 4 owners for £32500.

At this price should I be put off by the likelihood of the car being involved in an undeclared accident? Or risk the re-emergence of rust? Help!!

Max (Maximus)

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Seems an odd history: 5 years old, only 41,000 miles, 4 owners?

Good price though

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Advice much appreciated and taken into full consideration.

I dumped this car the first I had seen, and waited patiently.

Then the car of my dreams tirned up; a stunningly kept 993 C4 1996 P.

I have bought this and am over the moon.


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Great news. Although I am opening myself to criticism here I prefer the 993 to the 996 anyway.

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Did absolutely the right thing rejecting your urge to buy the first car. A car that has been resprayed and has rust=botched repair. Good things come to those who wait!


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