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Side Winds


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11 Mar 2012
I seemed to get really knocked about today on a short blast on the M20. As the side winds hit the car there followed loud wind noise from the windows. Do frameless windows flex a lot in coupes? I drove past several other cars and high sided vehicles that didn't seem to be swerving about. Under less windy conditions the car is steady at all speeds up to 70 and maybe slightly over.
I've just come in after driving on the M20 and it is very windy on there today.

I wasn't in the 996 but I imagine the noise / effect on the car would have been quite noticeable if I had been. Cross winds do seem to make the car sway a little. You're right, frustratingly, it does seem most noticeable at around about the maximum UK speed limit.

I've never noticed window flex or particularly excessive noise though- even at a windy Bruntingthorpe doing 150+ this time last year.
infrasilver said:
For a low aerodynamic car these do sometimes seem to catch side winds quite a lot. It may be to do with the light weightness.

Centre of pressure of the side view of the car is ahead of the its centre of gravity, so side winds tend to pivot it around the CoG.
I remember one of the few times I've been a passenger in my car I was being hurtled along at considerably more than legal motorway speeds into a head wind and the wind noise from the windows/doors was loud. I remember pushing the passenger window outward gently with my finger and could see it flexing accompanied by more wind noise. Do I need new window seals or are they all like that? My driver's window is equally bad.
it must be a common issue on frameless windows my runaround is a 330 ci and suffers the same anything above 80 ish you get a little noise which can be reduced by gently pushing against the window found this out last year on the autobahns gets worse a lot worse above 110-110 mph. havent heard it in my 996 cab but there again its never been on the autobahn since I ve owned it.

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