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Should I sell or upgrade?


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25 Apr 2003

Now I've owned this wonderful car for six or seven months, the urge to do something about the niggly things that I wish were just a bit better is starting to get to me. F'instance, upgrade to 17" alloys instead of the original 16 inchers which look a bit weedy imho. The RSR exhaust mod sounds like a good idea but I want to hear one first (where's poon?). And a bit more power - eg Varioram and maybe even a C4 might be nice.

Can't much about the last two unless I switch cars but if I eventually decide to do that, then I'm not going to spend a shedload on improving the car I've got.

So I'm torn. What would you do: upgrade or switch?

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I wouldn't change from a 993 to another 993 (at least one that wasn't a turbo). You can easily upgrade the pre varioram 993s to get even more power than the later models. ECU, exhaust, Type-R stickers, backwards facing baseball cap and NOS.

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upgrade is the way to go!


chip and airbox,

then RSR's or similar e.g Roock or RUF

then lower and uprate suspension along with strut brace

forget 17's go for 18's

finally get RS engine mounts, RS flywheel and clutch, big reds and a nice big wing :wink:

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If you have enough wedge, upgrading to a 993RS is probably the most financially sensible option. Poon's motor sounds great but come re-sale time he won't see a return :(
. Personally, I doubt if a move to a varioram model would be enough of a change to make it worthwhile.

Alternatively, ninemeister in Warrington could probably work wonders with the car if you throw about £5k their way:


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Some nice thoughts there but I don't want an out and out racer. I like the compromise between fast sports car and long distance 'luxury' cruiser pretty much as is. So if I could just add a feature or two by shifting to another car, I'm tempted by that route. Which isn't to say that this car couldn't be the platform to upgrade.

RSJ has a rather nice looking iris blue 1996 C4 for sale with xenon lights...

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Hhhm, difficult one this Manek and something that I was thinking about a couple of months ago. I decided to "upgrade" what I've got. As you know, the leather was the first thing that I had done, now I'm looking into chip / airbox & exhaust.

Keep what you've got, its a lovely clean car. Get the 18's and a sports exhaust!!

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by noony on 30 November 2003

I wouldn't change from a 993 to another 993 (at least one that wasn't a turbo).
Ah but with the TT comes increased servicing and maintenance costs. I'm tinkering with the same thought Manek. Initially looking at TT but prices are above my ideal threshold at the moment. Martins TT at the curry night did get the juices going again but the appeal for me for a good example C2S/C4S seems to grow. I mentioned on another thread that a colleague here got a very nice C4S with low miles privately for 37 grand. Alternatively, JamesM has spent (wisely) to great effect on his 993 proving that you can add what you want to a great platform. Granted, dont do it with a view to recouping that cost in two years or so if you sell, do it to improve the car for you.

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Hmm, yes, I agree JamesM that upgrading is probably a more sensible route - so please let us know what your thoughts are re chipping. And for me the exhaust sound has to be something I love in the driveway and car park AND for hours on the motorway. And while a TT is tempting, the costs associated with it aren't as appealing right now.

As for switching cars, I just made a quick call to RSJ to see what the difference might be between my car and a rather lovely sounding Iris Blue C4 993 with varioram, ally bits in the cockpit, xenons and a new clutch. They offered me £24-25k sight unseen for my motor. Not a good idea selling at this time of year is it? :)

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by manek on 01 December 2003

Hmm, yes, I agree JamesM that upgrading is probably a more sensible route - so please let us know what your thoughts are re chipping.
Just started looking Manek, I'll PM you with some of my findings!

Agree with Hendo also, any changes to the car must be for you, not for you to recoup later as you'll never get all the money back.

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Manek / James M

I've got a chip on the way from the States
, which is only going to cost me about £120, they will do a chip for a pre-Vario 993, and will offer a decent discount for a group buy. Apparently the Vario's aren't chipable ? The guy who programmes the chips is a pretty decent bloke by all accounts and offers a full money-back guarantee - what have you got to lose ?


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I wonder how much extra you can get out of a 993 by chipping? From what I've read (and I'm no expert) the engine and electronics are pretty much optimised out of the factory.

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Chipping is unlikely to do much in terms of raw horsepower gain, what it will do is improve throttle response and torque, which can translate into making the car feel appreciably quicker. You can specify the map to work with only 98 octane fuel which allows them to squeeze even more out. If done in combination with a sports type exhaust and mods to the intake (larger bore throttle body / new airbox etc) it can be a very worthwhile upgrade.

Have a look at the AMD website
or 9M to see what's possible and what it costs.


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Doesn't the existing map accommodate 95RON while also advancing ignition for 98RON so you're not forced to use one or the other? For instance, I'll use 95RON for long motorway runs and Optimax at other times...

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Can't you just forget changing, and get yourself some some top-tastic looking totty, blonde, long hair, massive assetts, legs all the way up and with a penchant for cleaning and polishing the car. That way, not only will your street cred go up massively, because everyone will be looking at her, and not the car, but because the car is clean (spotless even), you'll feel like it's going so much faster anyway, because we all know cars run better when clean. Then a set of 17" rims will finish it off!

Not sure how much she'll cost though. Just a thought... Go on, you know it makes sense...


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