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Shhhhh Tyres


17 Oct 2013
Might be a bit of a strange one as the usual tyre questions are about grip, wear and size..but id like any recommendations for a quiet tyre, one with particularly low road noise. I do alot of M road travelling so its the noise at 60+ mph im asking about......
FYI i have the standard 18" alloys
According to Black Circle`s guide..Conti`s are amongst the noisiest and Michelin the quietest....
Just changed from N0 RE50's to PSS on the 997 and find the much much quieter on all road surfaces. To my ear they seem (on smooth surfaces) half as loud.
I dont mind engine noise..thats pleasing...but road noise is tiresome on a 400+ mile journey and i do this quite often as i live in Nottingham but work from Aberdeen..............
Generally speaking Michelin, on feedback and use myself. The Goodyear may well be 'as good' based on the tread design.

The Bridgestone RE050 are known to be noisier. partly due to their harder sidewalls not soaking up as much, and especially as they age.

The db / noise ratings, like most 'ratings', I don't really put much weight behind. They are not real world.

If you are doing long journeys and want to optimise I would suggest you speak to a specialist about your geometry settings and get you car setup to minimise noise and maximise fuel efficiency.

You would be very surprised also how much of a reduction in noise and better fuel consumption you'd get by going down to 17's (is it a 986 or 987?)
The first thing i noticed was the michelin super sport was noisier than the pirelli rosso n1 , but with 305 on the rear i dont think any tyre will be quiet .
I use Uniroyal rainsport 2 ( 3 has just been released) very quiet and excellent in the wet as the name suggests. I know they are not N rated but that is another topic completely.

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