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Shell Pluspoints


27 Apr 2006
Only just found out about this & received my card this morning. Basically the more you spend, the more points you earn to redeem them for various vouchers, books, wines, Ferrari stuff etc. You get the picture. Seeing as we spend out loads on fuel we may as well have 'a little' back. lol.


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Have now got thousands of the things - I get them on my diesel too.

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I find the scheme utterly baffling, with earnings thresholds etc. Worse than working out income tax due!

They also appear to have credited no units at all to my account for over a month, despite me going once or twice a week. Most odd.

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I never even check if it is correct - but do seem to accrue quite a few points.

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if you operate a lot in reddies those sorts of cards are very dangerous, I know of many self employed, who during their tax investigations, have been asked about their cards, and then asked how they paid for their purchases (cash) and then taxed on it.

I avoid like the plague, nothing worse than a paper trail with the tax man

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It's a good job I'm a good boy then! :D

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and sounds like Daz is not! He is right though I know two people who have had exactly that happen to them. Also with a store card that one of the wives had. She used to go into the store and pay it off in cash.

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moral here, is if you pay cash, make sure it is for stuff that there is no come backs,

there are ways and means for everything, however to many prying eyes here,

big brother and all

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