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Set 18 BBS E28 Magnesium 3 Piece Motorsport Wheels


11 Mar 2014
I have a set of Genuine BBS E28 (Magnesium version of E88) wheels that I have decided to sell. I have new wheels on order, but they won't be here until mid August, so these wheels won't be available until then.

Fronts are 8.5x18. 2" lips and 6.5" barrels. These weigh approx 8.4kg each.
Rears are 11.5x18. 2.5" lips and 9" barrels. These weigh approx 10.4kg each.

I built these from original centres last year. All barrels have been powder coated satin black (not on the mating faces), the lips where all refinished to a brushed state. I don't like fully polished, so didn't have them done to that finish. All lips, barrels & bolts are genuine BBS Motorsport. All wheels have a sealing ring fitted, but where also sealed when rebuilt to guarantee they don't leak.
All four centres are in there original gold finish and have not been refinished. This means there are some marks on them, but I preferred the character and keeping the originality.

They are narrow body 996 fitment, currently fitted to my 996.1 GT3. But you will need to be running at least 2* of negative camber for the fronts to fit. I also have to run 3mm spacers on the fronts to clear the 6 pot callipers I have fitted. I didn't record the offsets, but I will remove wheels and calculate when I get chance.

The wheels will come with a set of Yokohama AD08R tyres fitted, 235/40 18 front and 295/30 18 rears. The fronts have about 6mm on them, the rears 4-5mm.

One of the rear wheels has a scratch on the lip from tyre fitting, this isn't really noticeable and never bothered me. It could be sanded back and repaired with tyre removal.

As above, these wheels will be available from mid August, the car won't do a huge mileage before then so tyre wear will be minimal.

I'm looking for £3800 for the wheels and tyres. I'm not splitting the two.

I have also amassed a collection of spare barrels and lips. I have x2 7" barrels, these can be made to stretch the fronts to 9" for larger tyres. I also have 2 sets of rear barrels, 2x9" & 2x8.5". The rear barrels particularly are known to crack and deform with age and heavy use, hence the spares.
I also have 2x2.5" lips as spares.

The buyer will have first refusal on the spares as a complete package. All items are used and would typically sell for £100-150 each individually.

Happy to provide pics of the wheels as stripped, during build, on car etc.
Recent pic on car


  • 919a37e8_84f7_4b35_b68c_4400234b4a9b_130.jpeg
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Another pic on the car.


  • 7a2ff31d_7d50_4c04_90eb_31b824e4e6b5_128.jpeg
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Hi pye21, have sent you a couple of pms... very interested in the wheels. Have a couple of questions...Will the wheels fit 996.2 gt3, can you show a picture of the scratch and where are you? Many thanks

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