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Servicing At Zuffenhausen


12 Aug 2003
Has anyone ever had their car serviced at Zuffenhausen or heard any feedback from anyone who has (see link below). My precious LHD will be 100,000kms old next spring and I'm thinking that it deserves a thorough professional overhaul. Although Lindbrook in Tonbridge usually do a good job, I'm hoping that Zuffenhausen can do a better one. Wadautink?


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I reckon it would be pointless to be without your car for much longer when there are many specialists in the UK who can do just as good a job. eg Formula Fuchs(say that at loud :wink: )

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You could make it into a holiday, I know someone who drives there to get his car serviced. Never had cause to complain and it's no more expensive, less if you don't include the driving holiday. If I could afford it I would go there although there are like Nutty Noony says many good specialists here.

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Thanks for the comments so far guys

Yes, I would do it as a holiday. Zuffenhausen is not that far from Zurich which is where I bought the car when I was living and working there. We've still got lots of friends in Zurich and Zuffenhausen seems to provide a brand spanking new 911 as a courtesy car for the duration, which can't be bad! However, I would only do it if it was definitely better than going anywhere in the UK, otherwise I would probaly fly down to Zurich.

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The other advantage Mazz, is that once your motor is in the shop, you could jump in their new one, pop into Mezingen. Do your annual 'suits and casual shop' at the Hugo Boss Factory outlet (£175.00 a suit in 1996 when I was in zurich!), Down to zurich. nice dinner in 'Madrid' in the niederdorf, then a blast back up to zuffenhausen the following day to collect yours again.

Hmm, I like the sound of that, its got me all nostalgic

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And don't forget JZ machtech.

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