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29 Sep 2006
Just wondered how hard selling a Porsche is privately. I've always managed to sell my other cars quite easily as my milage is alway super low but wondering how easily a £50+K car would sell privately.

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There are more personal security issues these days for sellers.

It's all about price really- the price would have to reflect the lack of OPC comeback. People also like the finance etc that a dealer provides at that sort of price level. It'd certainly help if the car was sold with a full warranty.

I tried to sell a v low miles F355 privately at over £50k a couple of years ago, did not get so much as a sniff...

I'd suggest a sale or return.

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not very easy if selling my 3 is anything to go by!

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by poon on 01 February 2007
not very easy if selling my 3 is anything to go by!

The availability of Porsche finance speeds up the sale undoubtedly, it's a nice carrot they dangle in front of you that 'aids' making your mind up.

I know it's almost as easy in this day and age to arrange finance elsewhere but the vast majority of punters like convenience over conversation.

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Guys, as some of you may know because I have financed your private purchases. I can handle private purchase finance whereas many can't so feel free to mention that finance may be available when selling. My interest rates for private purchase are not very different from dealer purchase and compete very aggresively with the whole market, especially Porsche Financial Services.

In fact, I am happy to provide finance figures based on some standard terms i.e. 10% deposit and balloon for you to include in your advert as long as the amount borrowed is more than £25K after deposit to avoid legal implications of the consumer credit act where you can't advertise without being licenced.

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It'll certainly cost you less to have the sciatica operated on than you'd lose by selling it through a dealer if you cant sell privately!


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