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Selling up !


New member
12 Feb 2004
A swear word on this forum I know. Unfortunatly, my job will require me to do 20k plus mile this year so I have to consider a new mode of transport ! I have relished every minute with my Porsche, but have to face reality and sell up. So I have two questions:

1) How much is she worth - 2000 W C4, manual, cobalt blue, 40k, litronic, becker upgrade. 1 prev owner. New rears a few months back. Spotless

2) What shall I get next ? Given the mileage, broody wife etc ?

I will return someday, I know....

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£20k p.a in a 996 is easy, why sell?

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You only just got it!

I'd suggest a used mercedes AMG or BMW M5...

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You'll loose more by selling now than to keep it and use it 20k a yr, which is easily done esp with 996. And it can be a family car, seriously, just need a bit more planning with the kids stuff.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by TLG on 09 January 2005

2) What shall I get next ? Given the mileage, broody wife etc ?
a good lawyer ! :p

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It's a crime & shouldn't be allowed !!!

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What a great excuse to keep driving a great car. I would love to be in a position to be forced to drive mine, unfortunately I don't have much time to drive.

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Let it do it... why not do it for a year and see how you get on. You will probably not lose a lot more in depreciation if you've not long had the car and you'll really enjoy your commute which is very important as it will represent quite a large part of your working week.

I do a similar 25k miles p.a. in a 330Ci Sport and I regard the money I spent on that as well spent given the 3hrs I day I spend in it!

You can certainly cart kiddies around in the Porsche if needs must.

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If circumstances allow, place the Porsche in the garage and buy a BMW320dES for which BMW also throw in free servicing (check the offer is still current). You will save a fortune on fuel and other running costs and I find my 3 series as good as the Mercedes S classes that preceded it.

I am very satisifed with the BMW experience (even though it was the last car I wanted to buy) and would recommend the larger 5 series diesels for economic and comfortable long distance motoring. If you pay tax on the benefit in kind, I'm not convinced the 330d in the the 3 series makes sense.

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