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selling a private reg ?


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3 Mar 2007
I've never sold a private reg before so hoping for a bit of advice . Plate is the one I had on my 996 Turbo ( C7 TBO )

I have the retention doc v778 with all fees paid. Doc is valid until 4 dec 2013.

If I sell the reg, is it just a matter of putting the new owners details into the Nominee section, paying the £25 and then that's it ?

I know 911UK love a good number plate thread :floor:
:hand: Standby. I've got the tar who has the feathers :dont know:

IIRC new owner is the nominee and not sure if there is an additional charge as the retention document includes transfer fee (£80) with the £25 for 12months retention. So you paid £105 for retention?

If there is a fee now for nominee @£25 this sounds about right. Knowing DVLA it is unlikely to be free :dont know:
We same our scathing comments for people who sell on here with a post count of 1, or over 14,000.

You should be OK.

I would say that I cannot believe they charge you £25 for the nominee bit as well, but nothing surprises me about DVLA.
If the nominee needs changing (which it will if you aren't Mystic Meg), the charge is £25 and it will be returned to the granted (you).

By default the nominee is you (if no other supplied), but this doesn't help unless you wish to put back on another car in your name.

Of course the return to grantee bit also means you will have to wait at least 2 weeks for DVLA to return to you to forward to the new nominee.
so basically, if someone buys the plate, I take their money & give them the V778 form ( signed by me ) where they will add their details into the Nominee section & send it off to DVLA along with the £25.

Once its on their car it's their palte

You sell it to buyer.
New nominee is added to form.
You send form off with £25.
Form gets returned to you.
You send form to buyer.
Buyer send or takes to DLVA.
ONLY once it is on their car is it legally their's.

This last bit is NOT a nuance, they have no legal title to it.

If the buyer fails to assign to car before retention expiry, not only will DVLA write to you (they have no record of buyer's address), but if you wish to keep the plate (ie not relinquish to DVLA to be resold), you must pay the retention fee again.

This can lead to many irritations with "buyer"!

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