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Sell or store? (Move abroad)


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8 Mar 2012

as much as I've been trying not to think about what to do with the car when I move to Singapore in November, I need to start thinking about it.

It's my 117,000 miles manual Carrera 2 zenith blue.

Long story short:

- I cannot take it where I'm going. It's impossible, illegal, end-of.
- I do not really want to sell it. It's my only car, the best car I've had and I am obsessed with it.
- I do not want to leave it slowly decomposing in a garage for 2-3 years.

So my options are:

Sell - I'd probably get what I paid for it. Not the point, as I still want a 911 when I come back and this one has been absolutely fantastic.

Store - Storing it professionally costs some money, let's say a grand per year. Is it worth it? Let's face it, the car won't probably depreciate much further, but I can't see it becoming a rare commodity anytime soon.

Head says sell, heart says keep.

Please share your thoughts.

Use it as much as possible before November and then sell it.

If you were just going away for a year it would make sense to store it but for anything longer :nooo: .

Treasure the memory and look forward to getting another one in the future.

Good luck :thumb:
If you're away for 2-3 years, I'd sell it tbh......
Sell, sell, sell. You must let your head rule your heart.
There are loads of Carreras out there for when you return.
Start to market it in August - either privately or via an indy on a sale or return basis. You know it makes sense.

Not worth storage costs, not knowing what state it will be in when you get back etc. and you don't appear to know when you'll come back. If this is a career move to Singapore, you may move on to another country and not return back to England for a long time.
Sell :thumb:
Thanks everybody. I knew the score, but I sort-of needed to hear it from 911 enthusiasts.

One thing is for sure, it will be driven as much as possible between now and then.

I'm even replacing disks and everything for the last 3,000 or so miles I'll be driving it.

I might market it on here as of October. Can't/Won't sell it earlier than that.

But yes, once I leave Singapore (the only place I won't have a car - but a Harley instead) I will get my ass back in a 911.
I will be in the same position as you soon, as i am going abroad for 2 years mid next year so will be selling the 911 and also my Westfield. No point just leaving them standing for a few years and can always get another when you get back.

I relocated to Singapore in 2008 and sold my much loved Lotus Elan+2. Two years later I was back and could not economically replace the car. I ended up buying a 993 while I was looking for another +2.

Two years ago I moved to Hong Kong. This time I kept the 993. I drive and work on it during visits back to the UK. In fact I am in the UK at the moment and loving using the car. When I am in HK, I let my brother use the 993 which ends up being 2 or 3 times a month, but it keeps the car going. Leaving any car standing is a bad idea.

There are not many 993's in Singapore compared to HK where I see them all the time. Every time I see one it makes me think of mine in the UK and how much I like it.

I would not even consider selling my 993, but it all depends how you feel about your car.

Best of luck!

Thanks all.

Berni, very valid points.

I have thought about leaving the car with someone I know, so that it gets used. It's still an option.

However, I'm leaning towards selling it at this point.

Mind you, I had a brilliant drive yesterday and I will miss the hell out of it.
A quick update: after doing the brakes I went for a long "bedding" session.

God I love that car.

Before I throw the towel in and prepare to sell it in late October, what are the storage options?

Any opinions?
Slight lateral thinking but have you got any trustworthy friends who would be grateful or would even pay to 'house-sit' your Porsche for a few years?

You book ahead the services and maybe restrict them to 500 or 1000 miles per year, they insure, and pay you £? for the privilige.

At the moment I probably only get in 1000 miles a year on mine. So your friend gets something to treasure every 2nd weekend and you get a passive income and your car waiting for you, serviced & ready when you come back.

Downside is your money isn't freed up & your friend might break the car.
Thread resurrection.

I have reluctantly put the car up for sale, no bite yet, but I am thinking **** it, I want to keep it. For the sake of 8.5k or so that it's probably worth it now, I am sure that I won't be able to buy a similar car for the same money when I'm back.

I looked after it very well and I know the car, so I am not worried about history or condition.

Now then, the question is, what do you suggest for long term storage?
Have you considered letting another GOOD friend or family member drive and look after it in your absence, as long as they insure it and take care of maintenance, the extra few miles shouldn't harm the value too much and you will still have a car to come back to?

I have a 996 cab that I wanted to sell but it wasnt getting too much attention this time of year so Im giving to my bro in law until summer, then i will have a crack at selling again, if not i'll take it back and drive it again when the sun comes out.

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