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Seen 997, now deflated


9 Sep 2002
Finally found time to visit my local opc to see the new beast in the flesh. Gutted, it has less presence than my old C4s, interior is very good but as many of you have said, I too wanted more! I wanted fat j-lo hips, with a bullfrog squat, cant help but feel let down. I know its gonna be brilliant to drive and running costs are gonna be very reasonable, but its just not visually striking. Lets hope someone breaks out some curves for the turbo and gt versions.

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You still taking delivery?

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Havent got a clue what i'm gonna do with the march delivery 2s, it will have the ideal spec for me, given that all options should then be available but unless I warm up to it in a big way I will keep the amg55slk until the V8 vantage arrives, not going according to plan!

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Sarbs, have you spec'd the March delivery car out? If so, what's options and colour did you go for?

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Old forum user Unidentified(4266) wrote:

Funny, most Porsche fans will spend time convincing themselves that the 997 is all new.. well 80% according to the marketing dept :?
.. but it aint no big step forward and it still has basically a 996 engine with all the potentail RMS leaks, blow ups etc .

The AMG SLK and AMV8 should compensate you for a while however.

Stick your name down on a 997 GT3 and I doubt you will regret it.

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Servo car is fully spe'cd

Polar Silver/Sports exhaust/PCM/telephone module no handset/19" carrera classic alloys/ electric seats/Silver seat belts/Rear centre console in exterior colour/Porsche crests in headrests/ stainless steel entry guards/ three spoke sports steering wheel/door trim with alu look/six disc changer

Robut- The Aston looks like being the one car I will actually keep, it looks like being a very very special car (even if noony was unaware of its greatness) especially as I've actually paid a 3.5k premium for it already! the 55amg is gonna be fantastic, but not a keeper, drove one of my slk350's for 200miles before selling it and it was very nice.

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Anyone fancy the Maserati Coupe, GranSport as an alternative the 997S? It would seam that after many years they have finally got this car right. I've always fancied one, now could be the time.

See this months Evo for interesting review.

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Jonathan yes absolutely, infact I was going to mention that. The std coupes depreciate like crazy though, but the gransport may not as it is very exclusive. They look fantastic too.

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Get one in six months time and save 15-20k! Then you'll have a great car price combination.

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Get one in six months time and save 15-20k! Then you'll have a great car price combination.

A great friend of mine has the 3200 Assetto Corsa - fab engine slightly flawed chasis. It would seem that the new car has finally been sorted.

The two main concerns would be the F1 style gear box (manual is not an option) and the depreciation is big worry.

Are u suggesting that in 6 months time there will be used cars on the market or the dealers will be bending over backwards to get rid of them?

Do u know if there is a waiting list at the moment?

I have a feeling that there is a totally new car in the pipe line and GranSport is possibly the last version of the current car that we will see.

Not sure that I would be able to keep the 993 as well. Space and funds are limited as I also run a Volvo and a Focus as the family run abouts. Oh, almost forgot the lawn mower that costs more to service than the Focus!

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The cambiocorsa will be 10x better in the GS than your friends 3200. They have sorted them much better now.

Thanks to low production numbers(how many exactly?) I reckon it will be quite a solid investment. If you can afford it, along with the possible depreciation and extra running costs(though I don't think they have cambelts), I would go for it. You could be dead in 6 months(hope you're aren't though). It is a bit special and it will probably be very good on track too?

At £70k you are looking at used 360 modena and mk2 GT3 prices. Something to think about?

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That is the problem (although a nice one), there are lots of cars to choose from at £70K. 996TT, very good 993TT, 993RS etc. I always said that I wouldn't touch a Ferrari and still won't until have serious dosh to spend.

Can't help thinking that one should approach Massa ownership with the same amount of caution.

Probably need to get some more detailed info on the 'real' cost of of servicing extra.

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Why not a ferrari?(Sean: cos they're crap) They will cost little more to maintain than this maser. 550, 355 etc all well below £70k so you would have plenty spare.

Diablos are in the £50-£60k range too now...

It would have to be a bloomin fantastic 993TT for £70k!

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Would disagree with noony, again, would not buy a masser brand new, never ever! 3200 has better reliability than the 4200 if not as good to drive, the rule to italian cars as I understand it is, if its new it depreciates, if its stopped depreciating its a time bomb!

355/550 may offer reasonable initial outlay but bring to the equation possible armed robbery inducing running costs!

My advice if you intend to sell 933 then do so before something happens as normally does when your stalling on selling, then wait till march and bag yourself a 996 c4s.

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There are only going to be 300 gransports made! That's less than a third of challenge stradale production. I bet porsche make more than 300 911s in a day!

ps. why wait till march? Winter is coming and cars will be cheaper.

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