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Security upgrade


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25 Apr 2003
Just pondering if I need to upgrade the security on the 993.

At the moment, it's got a standard Porsche Cat2 immobiliser and a Tracker. Will it be worthwhile to get an upgrade to Cat 1 fitted -- is the extra security (which is?) worth it and will it cut the Insurance premium significantly?

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Changing to Cat1 should reduce your ins. by a decent amount - I couldn't get quotes without Cat1!!

My insurer (elephant) reckoned it wasn't worth my while activating my tracker as they could offer no discount for it.

I have the PA1000 alarm system on mine (fitted by PGB but made by Hamilton & Palmer) and its been good so far - v. loud (went off in garage accidentally)


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Same as Dunc, Insurance with Elephant who wouldn't give me a discount for Tracker. I've got a PA2000 system, its never gone off but has never given me any issues.

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I have Insurance from Norwich Union Direct -- they didn't seem to jib at the lack of Cat1. Question is, would it actually improve security? Is it just an extra alarm?

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I'm not an expert of this, but I thought that Cat 1 refered to the features of the alarm and also the way that it is fitted. Something to do with the way that its installed to make it harder for wouldbe theif to tamper with.

But I may be wrong!

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Again from limited background knowledge I believe the difference between Cat 1 and Cat 2 is that a Cat 1 system has to have a self-arming immobiliser. (i.e. you close the door, walk away having forgotten to lock it and the immobiliser automatically arms itself after 30 seconds). This is a very good thing ! Last weekend I left my car in Brixton and walked off and forgot to lock it - thankfully no one seemed to notice this and even if they had all they would have been able to do is nick the contents of the glovebox as the immobiliser armed itself, thank the lord !


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911? Brixton???

Your contents may still have been in there, but what about your wheels???? :eek:

I understand that McLaren F1 recruit most of their tyre changers from Brixton :wink:

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Sadly rather too close to the truth ! I hate to think the number of burnt out Bimmers sitting on bricks I've seen outside my girlfriend's house in the last twelve months. It really is like flies stripping the flesh off a dead animal, every time you walk past a car on bricks another body panel / door / boot / seat / steering wheel / engine will have disappeared !


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Sounds like I ought to investigate.

As far as I can remember, I've only ever once walked off and left a car unlocked, years ago, and I was lucky. But as the years roll on and I get more forgetful... :wink:

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I do it all the time which is somewhat alarming (pun not intended !) That self arming immobiliser has saved my ass on more than one occasion. Just checking that none of you work for my insurers .... right ?


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The PA2000 has a nice little feature, if you open the car using the alarm by mistake and walk away, the doors lock automatically after 20 secs.

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That sounds far to easy to accidentally lock your keys in the car unless it's so clever that it knows if the keys are inside the car !


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Maybe, but you have to press the alarm button! If the keys were in the car by themselves, I'd off hoped this wouldn't happen!!!

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Actually, a mate of mine has a cat1 by, i think, Toad and his arms after 30 seconds regardless - even when in the car driving?!

It is imperitive that you do not have this feature active if you regularly leave your keys in the ignition!!

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As far as I know my 993 has the factory Drive Block, and the immobilliser arms itself after @30secs. It is not a Cat 1 alarm and I did have some problem getting Insurance cover with some companies but I'm with Hyperformance / Chuchill now who will accept factory fitted alarm.

Didn't bother fitting the tracker, I don't think the discount will offset the cost. Anyhow, if someone has stolen it and made a mess of it, would I still want it back?

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