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Scuttle and Autogla** sweat


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9 Sep 2007
Well, no real surprise that my latest 993 scuttle needs some paint! Last one did within 4 weeks of me buying it too!

Last time had a nightmare with you know who replacing the glass. The 'copy' glass was about 1-2mm smaller and creaked like an old door as well as letting water in. Cue going back twice, the final time direct line finally agreeing to OEM glass.

Four years later same nightmare. Glass out, scuttle tidied, new glass needs to go in. Pete Tognola looking after repair and I am paying his guy to fit the glass but direct line 'refusing categorically' to pay for OEM glass...

OEM glass around £700 with VAT, cheaper stuff obviously free through Insurance!

Advice needed is, do I use the free glass and hope (as it is being fitted by a pro) that all will be fine, or do I pay the £700 now for the glass and look miserable in the run to Christmas?

Will post the usual scuttle pics for morbid amusement!

I've just had my scuttle done and had my screen removed and replaced. My screen is not OEM but an XYG from China :oops: However this is my second XYG screen and it fits perfectly with no leaks or squeaks. The price difference from what I can gather is these XYG screens are about half the price of an OEM in the UK, so could you not offer to pay the difference between the cost of the "copy" and the OEM ? That way you should only be looking at Stg 350 ish :?: When I checked with Shatter Glass for a new screen (just in case mine got broken when removing) they gave me a price of Stg 385 + VAT all in, where as Uroglass quoted Stg 432 + VAT plus Stg 65 + VAT for delivery, screen only.

Just for your info when I had my screen replaced in Q8 is was the princely sum of KD 60 which equates to about Stg 120 all in..... the UK is a rip off in my opinion but what can you do.

Good luck which ever you decide.

ATB :)
I had the same dilema as you recently when I found rust on my scuttle. The windscreen in the car was good so didn't need to be replaced due to cracks or chips.
I used Paul from Glasstec (glassman on here) and he was excellent. Took the old glass out and refitted it for me and done a great job.
It used to creak like a b*gger, but it doesn't now.
Does your Insurance company let you choose your own repairer for glass or are forced to use their supplier only? (usually Autoglass these days).
If you can nominate your own supplier it might be worth getting in touch with Paul and get a proper job.
Just had mine replaced, not with OEM but a Pilkington one which was recommended by Brin Jones Bristol (Porsche approved) which started with the inevitable tiny paint bubble on the scuttle, which to cut a long story short ended with me having the whole front end plus doors painted! They did an excellent job and the screen is perfect - what a difference a new screen makes!!
Thanks folks for the replies. Unfortunately Direct Line are dreadful on this type of thing and they say 'Autoglass' or £120 if you use your own. I am using the recommended (by tognola) fitter so it is just a question of the glass.

Will see what the difference is between the two as that is a good question! Porsche glass clearly over-priced but it did fit better before!
I have heard people say that the other option, which I considered doing, is to bung the AG fitter £50 to feck off and leave the glass and then get your own man who knows 993's to fit it properly.

Hasn't Highway got an original (new) screen for sale? Might be worth exploring buying yourself and then get fitted :dont know:
Have some comfort that it is Pilkington glass now....will also check out the second hand ones (but shipping is a problem!).

At least I am getting someone else to fit it approved by the Tog....

We shall see!

Zingari said:
Hasn't Highway got an original (new) screen for sale? Might be worth exploring buying yourself and then get fitted :dont know:

I think Highway's is an XYG one, which gets both good and bad press. Obviously one happy punter on here, but others don;t like it (e.g. Paul 'Glassman').
I got a quote from thescreensaver.co.uk and they quoted (glass only) £439 + VAT for Pilkington (or Triplex) glass. Might be worth a try.
Thanks Rob. The auto glass screen is pilkington so here's hoping! Can't justify the £700 for a porsche one right now along with the scuttle paint...
RobIpswichUK said:
I got a quote from thescreensaver.co.uk and they quoted (glass only) £439 + VAT for Pilkington (or Triplex) glass. Might be worth a try.

To supply & fit?
If I recall from last time the glass was Pilkington but it is *slightly* smaller (by a mm) and the original stuff has a small P in the triangle graphic....just seemed to fit better....really odd! But I know the Porsche glass is over £600 plus VAT from OPC....

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