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Scuffed alloys


New member
21 Jun 2003

One of my Cup alloys has been badly scratched around the rim (not by me - by my girlfriend, who I was obviously very pleased with). Does anyone have any experience of having their alloys polished - is this worthwhile or should I just cough up £480 odd for a new wheel?

Thanks for any pointers.

Raman :(
----------------92 964 Carrera 4 Cab

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Hi Raman

Most kerbing scratches can be easily repaired. (Should be circa £40) In the past I have used these guys:-


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Hi Vic,

Thanks for the speedy response and recommendation. I'll check them out - so does such a repair leave any evidence or is it pretty clean?

Thanks again.

(being new to this site I guess I should have added the colour of mine too, which is met. black)

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.............should look spanking new!


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and they're mobile too...excellent.

Can I ask another question pls - thinking of trading up from 964 (first Porsche) to 993. Question is - 993 or 996 as we're talking similiar money and the 996 is a more "modern" car? (think I know the answer...)



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You need to drive them both, but I suspect if you like your 964 you'll prefer a 993 to a 996 - not that I'm biased.

Good info at
and Adrian sometimes replys on this forum.

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If your in the midlands area try A1 wheels in Wolverhampton, had them fix up an old set of alloys for me and they did a superb job.


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Thanks Wazza, I should've mentioned that I'm in London.

ta anyway

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Think I'm already convinced, thanks, that wonderful aircooled sound.

How about Tiptronic? I'm getting a bit sick of heavy clutch in London traffic and was considering a 993 Tip - is it a "semi-automatic" like the old Beetles?

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I got a Tip as I used to sit on the lovely M25 on my commute to work and it was great! I've just got another car as my daily runner, and to be honest I would now perfer a manual as the 993 is just a weekend car.

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Sorry, should have answered the question.......It's an auto box with the ability to swap to manual via small up and down switches on the steering wheel.

The 993 tip is also only 4 speed.

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Hi Raman

Its been up on previous threads, but here's my observation. I drive mine in TIP mode permanently unless I'm enjoying my timeshare on the M25. On the fortunately few occasions where I've got caught in traffic for any period of time, it does save the circulation problems in the old left foot. Nearly Mrs Hendo drives in permanent auto mode, more to do with ease of driving a 911 (new experience for her) than anything else. I still have fun with the TIP though and dont miss the manual box

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Thanks James + Hendo for your advice. Guess it comes down to personal preference?

Incidentally, planning to source 993 Tip Cab (C2/C4) in Deutschland - have checked out a couple of websites (equivalent of Autotrader etc) - amazing choice and at pretty unbeatable price. Obviously some hassle involved but I found approx 22 cars with my desired spec - sure beats messing around with Cridfords et al.

964 C4 CabMet Black

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