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Scratches and scuffs.

Simon W

21 Jun 2003
I've got two scratches and scuffs on the bonnet and front wing of my 993. They're not deep, but bother me and I want to rub them out. Any ideas what the best polish / treatment is for this sort of thing?

Also, does anybody have any experience of on-site wheel refurb people? I want to get the curb scuffs sorted out. (I park on the street and don't pay enough attention to my parking skills - but tell myself that it's my wife's fault)

Thanks chaps.

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Not sure about wheel refurbs.

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Where abouts are you?

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Wicked Wheels 07973 889 837 - Tichfield Hampshire. and Dentmaster franchises are what you need.

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I've heard/read about Wicked wheels too and I've got their no. in my book for when I need them. As for the scratches, try one of those colour polish from Halford after T-cutiing, it's not perfect but it's cheap and easy.

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What are people's views on T-cut.

Used it in the past on old cars when I was young, but currently reluctant to go near the 993 with it, since it feels a bit to 'all or nothing'. I think its the word 'cut' that makes me worry that I might do some unrepairable damage.

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I'm in North London. Have contacted wicked wheels, and they're coming to my office next Thursday to sort out the two rear wheels. Will let you know how they turn out.

Will also try the T Cut this w/e. Lots of people have now recommended zymol to me. May give it a go.



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When you use T-cut just be careful if you have to go near an edge. I saw my friend's 928 having the primer showing as he's rubbing, a white line where the edge is........

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There are two types of T-cut the traditional type in a red and yellow container this is excellent on cellulose paint and other flat finishes, the other T-cut is T-cut for metalic paint in a blue and yellow container this I found to be much finer, not so abrasive and I understand does not contain the chemical ammonia apparently ammonia can slightly discolour the clear lacquer finish on some modern metalics. My tip is see your local Paint sprayer they have many diferent compounds with diferent cutting abrasives, its aesy to just rub on some T-cut but you could end up making the damage more obviouse if you get it wrong, T-cut will scratch if applied with a hard cloth so if you do it your self purchase some soft cloth and take your time only do a small area at one time.

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I've used Wicked Wheels recently. They have locations all over the country -
- so that shouldn't be a problem.

The results are very impressive, although I did only have a minor (1") scuff that needed repairing on a rear wheel. The price was £65 + VAT per wheel but that may depend on size.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Jamie,

I've booked Wicked Wheels for this Thursday - they're coming to my office. I'll let you know how they look once they've done the job. Apparently they will need to take the wheels off the car and take them to the nearest tyre place to break the bead. They don't have facitlities in the van to break the 18inch wheels.



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