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scratch on bumper


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9 Oct 2006

less than a week and scratched the rear bumper :( I found out the hard way the rear parking aid beeps differently to the old bemer!

Car is midnight blue and scratch about 3 inch long down to the white plastic underneath.

Any tips on getting rid of it? will it polish out (what you recommend?)


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If it's down to the plastic or even the primer coat then it will not polish out!

On the other hand if it is someone else's paint on top of your paint, then its worth a try with mild cutting compound, which should slowly remove the foreign paint from your own.

If it is down to the plastic then your local 'Chips Away' may be worth a try for a guaranteed invisible repair. Otherwise it's the paint shop I'm afraid.


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From experience I would advise you not to use "Chips Away". There was a thread on this site a few weeks ago about using them Vs. a paint shop. Almost everyone who experience of "chips Away" recommend the paint shop.

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Yes very bad reputation indeed chips away,

never heard a good word about them chips away that is

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I did state "guaranteed invisible repair". If when they quote for the job, they cannot offer the guarantee, or indeed they do so but do not deliver, then you would not have to pay and can still take the car to the Porsche body shop in Nottingham.

Perhaps Phil Raby might like to relate his experience with them. I seem to remember him having a similar bumper repair when he wrote an article on them for 911 & Porsche World a couple of years ago. He seemed impressed.

Phil where are you?


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Problem is the mess they make of your car - over spray every where.

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