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Scooby V Porsche


New member
2 Dec 2003
I've just seen an email from Olivia regarding the average Scooby driver....oh dear. I feel I must have a moan (sorry)

I owned an Scooby Sti4 for three years. The car was one of the best I have owned and I can honestly say it would run rings around my 993. Its an affordable car that delivers unbelievable performance. It doesn't complain when its wet, the back tyres don't light up at the merest sniff of rain, and the back end most definately doesn't come out at every available opportunity.......and yes mine was black and had 17" gold allows.

The Porsche is hardly an all weather car and I find myself driving my Smart car in preference for my journey into work. I am hoping that when conditions improve I will be able to put the car through its paces and justify its purchase. Until then, I will hold the Scoob in higher asteem.

sorry, rant over!

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Interested to know why you think the 993 isn't an all weather car Terry. I've had a few 911's over the years and have used them as everyday transport come rain or shine. I never found a problem with any of them (apart from a 911 SC Targa that leaked through the roof every time a rain cloud came near).

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ok, i'm finding my feet at the mo and not pushing it. I'm having to learn how to drive again, and it has made me appreciate how much I could take things for granted in Scoob. As alot of people know, it can make any old driver look good!

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Made the point yourself Terry.

Subaru's are idiot proof and 993 are not. I think you will "retrain" yourself and learn to adore the 993. Holding a Subaru in higher esteem than a 993!? Straight to the Doctor's Terry! :wink:

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Can't comment specifically about the 993, but my 996 C4 does not have any issues rain or shine - Please refer to a review in EVO on the 996 C4S which was done in the scottish highland in the driving rain at speeds well in excess of the legal limit and the journelist refered to it as a "terminator" being unstoppable.

There are other style and refinement of delivery issues to deal with, hardly a comparable engine note for example.

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Hi Terry,
I thought this one had been put to bed but hey I'm always up for a bit of scooby rivalry. I should firstly point out that I loved the character Scooby Doo, I grew up with him on tele so I do hold a certain affection for the name but lets face it the car looks like a dog! And obviously before anyone need point it out I am vain, shallow, materialistic, infact a real bitch.....but yes I do think a porsche infact almost (i stress the word almost) anything porsche is 3 billion times better than a scooby.
O :wink:

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did you love for Scooby extend to scrappy? personally I didn't rate his character. He wasn't, as they led us to believe a 'puppy', he was a 34year old poodle with a growth hormone issue.

I will not rise to any more Scooby baiting(honest)....GOLD WHEELS FOREVER!!!

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No I never liked scrappy either.
Long live GOLD WHEELS!

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