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SC and 930


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8 Feb 2003
I've just been looking a couple of 911's , one is a Sc but has been converted to a track day car and the other is a 930 but with rust in all the place that they have rust!!!!. Both are supposed to have sound oily bits ( looked after by Bob Watson I've heard of him but is he any good?). Anybody got any idea what they may be worth? The more I look at 911's the more I come to the conclusion that price is set by the flip of a coin.


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Bob Watson is a well respected name in 911 circles - does lots of restoriations etc. However I would not go anywhere near a rusty 930 - 911's are enough effort to look after even if rust is not evident. The SC converted to a track car could be interesting so long as you don't want a nice civilised commuting car. There are loads of ex-race 911s on the market at the moment and if that is the sort of thing you are after you should be able to get a pretty good deal. Just bear in mind you might need to spend some cash bringing it up to your requirements.

Re prices, I totally agree. I think a lot of owners are very speculative with the prices they ask for. I would love to know what these cars end up going for... a lot less than the asking price would e my guess.

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Follow James's advice and don't go near a rusty 911. If there is rust you can see, there will 10 times as much that you can't see, and the structural integrity of the car will be severely compromosed. A track day car may be no better, but it could be worth looking at a race car as the rust should hve been sorted before it went on the track.

The oily bits are far easier, but maybe not much cheaper, to fix than the bodywork. Bob Watson has a good reputation, but I have never dealt with him

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