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save Rusty 911's


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8 Feb 2003
I've looked a about 10 911's (£6 to £12k) in my price range and all of them have visible rust. Has any one had rust repaired on a 911 and if so could they give me some idea of how much it cost them and what was repaired.

I think I'm going to have to buy a car with some rust and it would be nice to hear the horror stories first. If you can buy a rusty car at the right price,at least you know when it's repaired it done properly.



PS somebody has to buy the rusty ones otherwise soon there will be no old 911's left!!!

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The problem with any 911 at the bottom end of your price range is going to rust, as you have already found out! But look at cars at £12K and you can be looking at 1990ish LHD 964s. I've not heard of a rust problem in one of those, as long as it had had no accident damage. Don't depair buy the best you can, not one that needs work

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Nick you miss the point, I've decided that wish to save the poor unfortunate creatures.

Where would your two cars be now if someone wasn't willing to save them!!!!

Perhaps I ought to rename the thread save the whale(tail)!!!!!!!!!

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OK. Who here has repaired rusty body work?

Some one must have.

Don't be shy. Let's hear the horror storied (and costs).


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I replaced a right rear quarter on my Targa the quarter cost about £400.00 plus fitting , a simple job for a skilled welder. The rear glass and other rear end trim has to come off , so budget for trim re-fitting and painting too. Not a major nightmare , that's my experience.

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You are a brave man. If you are in Sussex come on by and I'll show you some real horrors.

Do you have a local Porcshe guru/breaker. To repair these cars economically it really helps to have access to donor cars. You can get many aftermarket repair panels and Porsche have more panels (mostly in stock) but they can get pricey:

2 inner front wings 1970 911 £1600 + VATearly 911 bonnet £800

So if you can cut bits off other shells you can save thousands

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