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Satisfying repair list completed


20 Mar 2007
Feeling quite pleased with myself having spent the rainy weekend putting my 993 back together after completing a range of jobs, some of which have been on my list for years and some just cropped up along the way.

It all started with my Indy changing the pollen filters and telling me my front right blower fan had packed up and needed replacing before winter or I'd struggle to clear the windscreen of condensation on the drivers side.

So I bought a new blower fan and set about the job that just grew and grew as I started tackling badly located aftermarket wiring, which resulted in seats out and so much trim removed that I just carried on with other jobs from my list whilst access was easier.

Car is now ready to go and I've learnt a bit more about it whilst fiddling, making mistakes and getting it sorted with much help from some of you helpful and more knowledgeable folk on here, so many thanks for that.

This is the list:

- Replaced the front right hand cabin blower

- Removed the H&P PA1000 alarm and immobiliser and rectified all the cuts into the ignition and starter motor wires.

- Removed the H&P automatic roof closing system and rectified the cuts into the roof control unit

- Removed the H&P automatic window closing system and rectified the cuts into the window switches

- Identified the fault with the driver's door lock mechanism and repaired it so the door now locks and the central locking also works.

- Identified and removed the old Porsche tracker and battery as well as associated wires through the car

- Located and fixed the fault with the rear engine compartment heater blower which was on high speed constantly

- Removed the aftermarket audio amp from the luggage area and the massive bird's nest of associated cables and speaker wires.

- Rewired the the Becker audio system so that it's using the original loom wires for the speakers throughout the car.

- Repaired the broken rear seat hinge.


That's it!

No doubt something else will need attention as soon as I start driving down the road!
It gives you a great deal of satisfaction when you finally come to the end of your jobs. Well done for sticking at it. I know how you feel right now. :D

ATB :)
Impressive list, congrats.
There will definitely be more to do in the future, but this is how it is with old cars!
Nice work, always interesting to see how things develop.

That does sound like a satisfying list. Well done!


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