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sat navigation

Peter Bird

25 Nov 2003
I would like to purchase an inexpensive sat navigation system. Requirements are; it can be moved from one car to another and not plumbed in, a colour screen and voice directions. Anyone have ideas or suggestions on what to buy where to buy(preferably internet due to my location) and any pitfalls,problems etc to avoid.

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I have just bought a Mitac Mio PIN PDA pocket PC from Navman at the Goodwood festival, mixed results really.

As a pocket pc its fine with diary, notes picture storage, MP3, activesync for pc synchronisation etc etc


Fits on a clumsy looking bracket which sticks to the windscreen. Cigar socket power adaptor provided as well as mains power. You need a pc to connect to the internet and to add the maps to the pocket pc from cd roms provided.

Has postcode search (among other options for destination selection) but without the last digits which is not as precise as I hoped. Has some issues with routing - for example being told to leave a direct road and being taken around a loop and back to the same road further on. Has a re-route facility "back on track" which works ok if you go down the wrong road.

Acheiving lock on the satellites is now where near as fast as the Snooper gps speed trap device I have. Also the lock is lost under trees and also sometimes for no apparent reason, which causes long retrain times - can be minutes if you dont stop to allow a fast retrain. Cloudy weather seems to affect it more than the Snooper GPS.

Despite setting the power/screen options carefully it dims the screen inappropriately so you cant see the map until you power on and off. Not easy when you are driving alone..

When running is great apart from the routing and rerouting mistakes. If its running fine its very user friendly and the spoken commands are easily heard even in a 911 with the stereo on.

As it was 400 quid as opposed to 700 for the equivalent Garmin PDA system I suppose I have to accept that there will be some problems - but overall I could not recommend anyone to buy it.

Except as an expensive toy with a useful PDA.

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Thanks stevo, that certainly sounds like one to avoid. My guess is if they offered you your money back you would take it.

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i put a sat nav kit in a mates van - used an iPaq 2210, Tomtom 3 software and Blutooth GPS sensor and a tom tom windshield mount - whole kit including software came to 349 plus vat from one of the vendors linked from
. Check the link out - has forums and discussions on all the dfifferent software and hardware solutions around - well worth a read up before you commit to anything!

I currently use an iPaq 3970 and the Tom Tom bluetooth GPS with the Tom tom 3 software - camera and postcode add-ns and have it mounted with a smart clip and brodit mount from
- the smart clip goes over the central vents by hooking into the trim lip underneath the vents and over the ridge on the top of the dash. Convieniently the GPS reciever has a magnetic base wghich i find sticks to the dash above the central vent quite well withiut using the sticky metal pad ito comes with.

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My god I thought this was going to be so easy. johnny which model ipaq do you use, are you happy with it or if you had the chance would you upgrade.

Toby I have printed off your little selection and will try and understand it tonight. Same with you, are you happy with ipaq model or would you upgrade?

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I got the Dell Axim X5 with Tom Tom all packaged. I checked Dell site recently and they dont seem to be doing it any longer. The Dell is pocket pc and everything I needed in a PDA. Add a wireless CF card and you can email and internet yourself silly at wireless points. The Sat Nav from Tom Tom is excellent (it guided me to the front door, in a narrow street of a curry house in brighton when Manek organised a ruby). You need a decent SD card (128K) for downloading the maps so you dont fill up the memory of the handheld. The voice directions will always be a bit on the tinny side though through the handheld, but still audible

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The IPAQ i use is a 39** series and yes very pleased with the setup. I only really use the IPAQ for NAV - should use it more. Will be taking it to the USA is summer for my Road Trip.

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Same here - i use a 3970 - it was a freebie from work ;)

Excellent for the sat nav - it has guided me to city locations, corporate golf days - plus you can load up the camera database and have your own warning sound - i got south park You B*****ds for cam,era warnings - not as accurate as the b2 but movable from car to car and more amusing!!!

The ipaq 2210 i put in a friends van is ok - speaker aint up to much lke the 3970 - try them out in pc world or something crank up the volume and play some sounds - my car is fairly noisy ;) but i can still hear her telling me to go the wrong way round the next roundabout - which tom tom is sometimes apt to do!

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Thanks for the advice guys. Toby was that tom tom or the Mrs talking :wink:

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I have now purchased an ipaq 5500 and need a tomtom 3? but this does not include the gps receiver and there seems to be different types. I have been looking on ebay and there are loads of different things some just software. I dont want to buy the wrong thing, can anyone list EXACTLY what items I need to have voice activated sat nav running with the ipaq. Thanks.

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Hi Peter

Once you've got the PDA, you'll need the car kit wich includes cradle, GPS receiver and cigar lighter power. Make sure it is specific to your PDA. This also contains the software and stuff.

You'll need to be on the net on your home computer to register and load everything up with your PDA attached to the home PC. As I mentioned above, get a memory card of either 128 or 256 to load the maps on to and save the memory on the PDA. Once thats done, take it out to the car, plug it in, set the GPS receiver on the dash and wait for it to 'chirrup' telling you that the GPS is locked on and away you go. I'm using regular cradle and receiver with screen sucker cups for the cradle and to stop the receiver sliding around. Also you get a much better tilting/positioning of the PDA than hanging off the vent IMHO. Toby has got the blue tooth version I believe which means that the PDA and the receiver dont need to be umbillically joined.

Hope that helps

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i'll try and get some pic's of my mount with and without ipaq - definately holds it very solidly.

'Copies' of the softare are around then all you need is a bluetooth GPS antenna - try ebay or the cheapest i found was
£145 plus vat for the toim tom gps and SW. Again the
has loads of links to vendors for all the kit!

Exact link from ebuyer is

The cheapest option is buy the gps from ebay here
and try and get a copy of the software and activation keys ;)

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