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Sat Nav

21 Nov 2007
I had a Becker Indianapolis fitted to my 993 Targa in the summer.Very nice unit with 2 RDS tuners.Once the CD -rom is loaded it can be removed and you can then playback MP3 files.I opted for this as I did not want a CD autochanger taking up boot space.You can have around 12 albums on one CD -rom.The unit also has an appearance in keeping with the 993 dash.The Sat Nav works well,used it in France over the summer and never once required a map.I would certainly recommend this unit.

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I’m interested in your opinion on the Becker Indianapolis system.
I have to say it looks the business

Would you mind answering a few questions I have?

If the navigation information is held on CD ROM can you get updates?

Do you have to fit a GPS arial?

What is the sound quality like for Radio and CD/MP3 playback?

What speakers/amp/any other kit, have you got in the car?

Where did you get it fitted?

I’m sure I’ll think of more questions

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Hi Andy C.

As far as I am aware once you have registered the product with Becker updates should automatically be sent.However I am not 100% sure on this point.
The aerial sits on the dash on the passenger side and is about the size of a matchbox ,maybe a little smaller.It does not look bad as believe you me,I am fussy.
I think the playback is not bad at all.Radio sounds very good.Some MP3 files may boom in the speakers but that is probably down to me.The system(speakers) is the standard one supplied on the car.Nothing extra.The head unit is very neat with simple controls.With one CD -rom you can have around 12 albums to listen to so you can dispense with a CD autochanger.
I had the unit fitted at Drivetime in Chiswick ,London.They also have a website.
Hope this is of some help.

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what cd navteq -rom version are you running v2 v3 or v3.22 ?

i.e what's the latest ?


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Hi Sundeep.

It says version 1 on the pack.There are 2 CD-Roms for Europe

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Christopher Hunter on 06 November 2004

Hi Sundeep.It says version 1 on the pack.There are 2 CD-Roms for Europe
i've got the Becker High Speed Pro and it's says "version 3 on the disc" for the high speed version... but also says "version 2 for the DTM" Becker systems..

same ?

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Nice to have it fitted but I prefer a mobile unit that can be used in more than one car - I have sat nav in my everyday transport and its great but I wish I had bought a mobile so that I could switch it for use in my other cars. Personal view.


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