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Samsung S4 vs. iPhone 5 (or 4S!)


5 Oct 2008
I've got the (nice) dilemma of choosing between these two new 'phones at the moment. I'm on Mac at home so it makes perfect sense to go for the iPhone - but I'm wondering whether the Samsung S4 might be a better 'phone...?

I'd be very grateful if anyone can give any first hand experiences of owning either of these two handsets and their pros & cons!

Thanks in advance! :thumb:
I can't speak about the Samsung but what I can say about the I-phone 4 s is that the camera was ever so disappointing compared to the Nokia n-8 that I used previously.
Hold out for another couple of months and get the iPhone 5s. Then get an Apple TV and you will have a good all round set up to mange media and be able to make a phone call now and again. :thumbs:
Just bear in mind if you buy an Iphone that its far inferior to every other phone now in terms of power, and camera capabilities. The Iphone 5 is almost identical in every way to the 4 and the 3. The reason being that the screens and chips are bought in from companies that apple tried to sue...so understandably those companies are shying away from producing anything new for apple.

Also bear in mind that you will have the usual apple limitations on what the device can do, which devices it will communicate with, what software you can use and how you transfer files to and from the phone.

Iphone, yesteryears phone apple want you to use....their way.

Had an iphone for about 3 months, the limitations and things I could not do forced me to sell it. I couldn't print from it, play any of my non ITunes songs (Had MP3s since the early 90s before iTunes was a twinkle in apples eye) send anything via Bluetooth, communicate with my TV, playstation or even my BT Home hub. Utter POS.

Samsung, well they were great, but my wife has the S3 and its been a POS, losing data and generally going pete tong.

I had an HTC for three years, never went wrong, daughter now has it. I got the Sony Experia Z.... huge mistake...huge.

Personally I would go back to the HTC one if I could. It just worked, in every way you would want.
Used to have Samsung s2, got now s4 and love it.
Brother got Iphone 5 and there is always something that he can't do or don't have like no navigation on his map, can't play and recoded sounds I send him or wma files. You need to pay for so many applications where they are free on Samsung.
Oh and camera is superb.

Never been fun of iphone as I looks to me that half of owners buy it as a trend.

S4 for me :thumb:
I ran iPhones from the original to a 4s. When I had a free upgrade last summer I wanted to try the S3 for the bigger screen but was worried the phone would be too big. I was offered the chance to try the S3 for 2 weeks and return it for an iPhone 5 if I did not like it (I have a company contract with c30 contracts on it so not sure if they would always offer that sort of test ?).

After 1 day I knew I would keep it.

After nearly 12 months I don't regret that. The software is not quite as slick as the iPhones and can hesitate every now and again, screen a little too sensitive at times but otherwise it is better than the iPhone in every way and I use the camera / video feature as much as my £2k DSLR (you can fit a large memory card in it).

Ps Swmbo has an iPhone 5 which I use occasionally and now don't find as intuitive as the Samsung.

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