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Rust on the seams

Guy Martin

New member
30 Aug 2005
Hi all

Just been to look at a 911 SC (ebay item 4574916967) and everything seems ok with it except the seams on the footwell. The underseal is split open and rust is seeping from the split. Is this the kiss of death for the car and it's a total no-no, or is it dependant on how bad the rust is. I really like the car, but really cannot afford to spend a few thousand pounds on a nail. Can i realistically expect to get a good example for under £10k, or am i going to have to settle for one with a few problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All the best


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You have answered your own question by stating "or is it dependant on how bad the rust is?". If the car otherwise appears to be a good buy, then the next step is to get a inspection done by one of the independant Porsche specialist. If the report does not throw up anything major, then you can use the rust and anything else in the report to negotiate a lower price which would allow you have the rust and other defects attended to.

You have to remember how old the car is and realistically expect a few problems. The aim is to try and make sure those problems are easily and cheaply fixed. There are plenty of cars out there so do not be afraid to walk away - even if you have spent a couple of hundred pounds or so on an inspection. Better £200/£300 and walk away, than £2000/£3000 because you ignored what the inspection report was indicating and your own gut feeling was saying!


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You should also see if the car in question has the original mechanical chain tensioners, or been upgraded to the newer oil fed hydraulic ones. The old type will be well past there use by date and will need to be replaced. This is a costly exercise. Other thing to check are the engine head studs which are notorious for causing problems on most older 911's When I was in the market I looked at the SC, but ended up buying and 84 Carrera 3.2litre.

My Carrera has 194,000km drives really well and so far no problems. Had it inspected by both Porsche specialist and a panel shop, to check for any serious damage history.

I know down the track I'll have to spend $$$ as things need replacing, but tell ya what, the smile this car puts on my face each and everytime I jump in it, is worth every dollar.


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