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Rust Bubbles

John Croger

20 Nov 2003
Ive got a few rust bubbles in the trim around both of the rear side windows of my ´95 993. Reading the earlier thread started by Gatekeeper I see its not an uncommon problem.

Ive just been told by Nottingham Porsche that this is not covered by the 10 year corrosion warranty...???

I was wondering if you had any better luck Gatekeeper? Does anyone know of an OPC that knows that rust bubbles are a form of corrosion?

Cheers, John

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rusty bits...

I reckon you are refferring to the black anodised trim under the rear window, so its not part of the body structure and thats why Porsche arent interested under the terms of their body warranty. Its alloy so no big problem, you could get your paint shop to refinish, prob easier to buy two new trims, have a windscreen or paint shop man remove and replace windows and refit new trim.

Good luck.

Adrian Crawford.

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Poon has this problem also. He couldn't get it fixed either. He uses tennis balls to stop the squeaking(??).

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mines the back window not the sides

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Thanks for the replies,

It is the anodised trim under the windows, I´ll get some new ones fitted.

As for squeaks the only one Ive got is an occasional one from somewhere in the drivers door which usually goes away if I hit it with my elbow

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