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Runnings Costs


New member
6 Aug 2003
I'm after some realistic running costs for a 993. I'm guessing it's over budget but my current motor is not cheap.

The car would be a daily driver, doing 15-20k miles a year.

I'm currently doing this in my RX-7 Twin Turbo and I'm using up to £500/month in fuel, minimum is about £350/month. All Optimax.On about 70litres of fuel, I can get about 300miles. How does that compare to a 911?

Servicing wise, what are the intervals and costs? I'm on a 6,000 interval right now which is working out to be every 3months at a major/minor cost of £450/£250.

I'm looking at 993 because it's my favourite shape and most likely a C2 as I believe the C4's are significantly slower. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, I assume purchasing costs will be lower on a 993 than a 996 and the savings will outweigh the additional maintenance costs. Or would it be cheaper to buy and run a more expensive 996?

I'm Insurance is the same whatever the model. I'm running a Group 20 import right now.

Any advice welcomed...



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Hi Ben, There's a very good 993 -v- 996 comparison in the May issue of 911 & Porsche World which gives running costs.


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Is it realistic from an owner? Or just theoreticals?

I'm after real life stuff, not manufacturer quoted mpg and stuff. I want figures from the people that pay the bills.

If it's good I'll buy it...

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Hi Ben,

I've been running a 993 C2 Tip since Jan, and it was originally my daily runner. It costs just under £50 to fill with Optimax and will do around 280-300 miles on that, however most of my mileage was motorway.

I run 18" wheels, the rears cost about £200 a pop (Conti's), the front are marginally cheaper. I've done 10K miles in the car now, and the tyres are still in great condition.

Servicing is every 12 months or 12,000 miles which ever happens sooner and my last one done a couple of weeks ago at an OPC was £605 - £100 of which was for Mobil 1 oil. OPC's will give a discount on service labour for cars over 4 years old, I guess that Specialists will be cheaper still.

It does use Oil, I check it every week or so and it doesn't need much to re-top it, less than a 1/6-1/4 litre every 2-4 weeks.

From what you discuss above, I guess there is very little in it.


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Yeah, RX-7 uses just as much oil in the rotary.

£50 gets you 300miles, what kinda speeds would that be. I use motorway too. Hoping Phil might advise, he does the same journey every day. What's the least you can get from a tank? Mine can range from 150-310miles, which is kinda rediculous but turbo's drink a lot.

Tyres are obviously gonna cost, I'm only on 16's now but I might save the difference in Insurance, perhaps.

Are Porkers cheaper to drive faster or slower? Meaning can you do as much harm not giving it a blast regularly? I know rotaries like to be driven hard and it actually helps longevity.



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On the computer, my average speed since buying the car has been 54 mph, which I don't see as too bad especially as I use the largest car park in the world en route to the office.

I don't know the answer to your faster or slower question, but hey this is a Porsche, why do you want to drive slow!?!?!?!

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The first 4/5 days of running the car cost me £50, then I calmed down a little and I would estimate 7 days on a tank. Still pretty terrible though!

Motorway? You should try the A3/Oxshot route to Epsom, far more exciting than the M25 :D

It's a while since I bought tyres for a 911, but would guess in the region of £170 each for 17"s?

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My experience has always been that they are solid, rel;iable cars but when they go wrong, they cost. I do limited milage in mine so have it serviced once a year. It was just serviced (its a late '96 model 993), and that cost £770 incl rear pads and disks. Plus they said the front wishbones need replacing at a cost of £550. For a car that has only done 27,000 miles, that's a fair bit of dosh to splash out. And that was not an OPC.

As for tyres, bought two rears (P-Zero, N3) a month or so ago and paid £144 per tyre all in. Phoned around so that was a good deal. They were 17"'s. I seem to average about 25mpg, but I don't often check. I should, but I may get depressed.

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By the way, C4 and C2 are very comparible in speed and acceleration. C4 actually gets off the line better than the C2 due to the traction, so nothing in it really.

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Maybe C4 drivers are just slow then, I always find them easier to kill, hahaha.

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