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RSU 911R


New member
19 Sep 2013
Hi, another 1st post with something for sale I'm afraid :sad:

I have however previously been a Porsche owner many years ago but these days i'm into motorbikes and recently bought a 1976 Honda 400-4 with a Porsche related plate on it. I have only just got this bike roadworthy again and fully road legal (taxed, insured and MOT'd) so will soon be in a position to sell/transfer the number if anyone is interested in buying it.

It's an original number from 1976 and would probably be worth more without the 'vowel' :frustrated:

but it does have connections to several Porsche models

the RS is obvious

the U seems totally in the way

the 911 covers many variations

and the R would be perfect on one of the early 911R models but they are very rare?

when I first saw the reg it said to me "RS yoU 911 aRe"

Where (if not here) is the best place to put this up for sale?


how much do you think it is worth?

Thank you for putting your ad in a better way than the usual tripe.

However, I ca nt imagine anyone with an RS wanting it, so I less you stumble across Roy Stanley Unwin, (other names are available), its not worth a lot, if anything.

So, on that basis, would you consider a part-exchange.

"when I first saw the reg it said to me "RS yoU 911 aRe"

Where you drunk at the time?
Is he text-speak Yoda :dont know:

(I blame George Lucas selling out, well, in general, but in this instance, to Vodafone)

Well, I knew it was a long shot :floor:

To be fair I adopted the registration on an old motorbike that I have recently saved from the scrap man and as the number plate on a bike is usually arranged onto 2 x lines it struck me that it might be worth more than the bike and cars are also allowed to display their number on 2 lines


Just in case anyone is interested here is the bike story (apologies in advance if you aren't but you don't have to carry on clicking on this thread)

I have copied my post from a Honda V4 Crosstourer VFR1200XD forum:-

As I work in Scotland and stay Monday to Fridays at Larkhall near Glasgow I have got to know a Crosstourer owner called Dougie, he uses the forum name of 'Paperman' on here.

Dougie lives at Irvine but hails from Larkhall and pops over to see his parents now and again who still live here, he has been known to pop past my place and call in for a brew and chat and on one occasion asked me if I was interested in an old CB400 that his dad was getting rid of.

Now I had bought an old Honda Vf500-V4 non-runner a few years ago with a view to 'doing it up' and using as a classic bike for the occasional 'bimble' but because it had been stood for many years there were so many things 'gummed-up' that I never got it running properly and ended up selling it on for very little return (a loss :019:) so you can see why I wasn't too keen to take up Andrew's offer (Dougies dad).

Andrew and Dougie just wanted rid of the bike as it had been unused for the last 14 years and was literally 'rusting away' in a damp garage so they kindly offered to sign the bike over to me for free as long as I tried to get it back on the road as they had fond memories of owning it and wanted to ensure it was saved and used again.

Its been a long slog (low on my list of priorities i'm afraid) and I didn't want it to cost me much money UNTIL I had heard the engine running (which has seemed to take forever) whereupon I would spend some more money and put some time and effort into its 'roadworthiness' again.

Firstly it was clear that the carbs were not functioning so they became the No.1 priority so one sunny summer evening after work the project began :047:


On removal of the float bowls it became clear why it wouldn't run :164:

3 of the four carbs were fooked

the fuel had turned to varnish and rust/corrosion :148:

At that moment I was feeling despondent as I realised it wasn't going to be a free fix and I was in a quandary about wether to give up there and then (remembering the VF500 woes) or risk some money on getting things sorted, I was getting quite attached to the old girl so I decided to plough on with it.

I left the carbs at a small local bike shop who knew someone who could get them 'sonically cleaned' and after a few weeks I got the call to say I needed some parts which were damaged on removal. I ended up buying a kit from ebay to rebuild all 4 carbs with new jets etc for little over £25 inc postage from Japan, the downside being it was another 3 weeks or so before they would arrive.

Due to lack of progress doing this work in Scotland I brought the bike home a few weeks ago so I could do stuff to it at weekends and its paid off, only a couple of weeks ago I refitted the carbs etc and got it running albeit with a seized up throttle cable and several other mini-projects still to do which I had held back from sorting out.

When I came to re-fit the nice clean set of carbs to the motor I just couldn't do it without cleaning up the 'soon to be innaccesible' parts of the engine with degreaser and my 'special tool' :038:

That's better :002:

A pint of Vodka and Irn-Bru spurred me on to keep the de-rusting/cleanup going

until a general wash declared the days toil over, it looks much better in this picture than it does in real life, it is covered in rust but I don't care......it runs :152:

Here is my 2 year old grandson Joseph trying it out for size

Since that weekend I have fitted some new bits such as:-

front caliper piston/seal/nipple/fluid
throttle cable
rear light unit
oil filter/oil change

I was feeling confident so I booked it in for its MOT test at 11am yesterday morning. I insured it then took my first ride on it to the test station (I went the long way there :008:)

It passed with no issues so I rushed home to apply for my road-tax using the online facility so I could go for an all legal bimble......alas I was thwarted in my quest as the electronic databases hadn't been updated with my Insurance and MOT status and the victory bimble was CANCELLED until another day :173:

I'll give the last word to my Grandson on what he's going to do to it next time he's aboard


:745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745: :745:
I appreciate all that post effort but I still aint making you an offer :grin: :wink:
As always I'm looking as to what the plate looks like in the rear view mirror.

It reads: RIG USER

So maybe someone who works offshore? I had a mate that works on the rigs that would have been into it, but he has spent all his money on 'dateless' irish'OIL' number plates.
A search which will give you an idea of value


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As that is an original plate on a motorcycle you may find its non-transferable :dont know: V5 should assist

Never had a Honda more Yam/Kwaker. I did however have a chum with a silver 250 Honda Wet dream :oops: he was always the rear gunner because he couldn't keep up let alone come too early :nooo:
Zingari said:
As that is an original plate on a motorcycle you may find its non-transferable :dont know: V5 should assist

I will check but as I've moved number plates from bike to car many times previously I can't see there being a problem, thanks for the warning though

Also thanks for the replies up to now, seems like you lot enjoy the 'craic' :mrgreen:

apw2007 said:
A search which will give you an idea of value

Which sites to do a search please?

there are soooooo many to choose from I usually lose the will to live and give up before I get a proper idea :sleepy:


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